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The Best Contemporary Dance Socks

How to Choose Socks for Contemporary Dance?

Contemporary dance continues to evolve daily. It emphasizes creativity, fluidity, and the expression of emotion through movement. Contemporary is often performed to a variety of music genres and can incorporate improvisation and partnering work. It is a constantly evolving form of dance that continues to push boundaries and challenge traditional ideas of movement and expression. With an art form that is continually breaking the mold, dancers have to be able to adapt and change along with it, no matter where they are. From studios with wood or marley flooring, to convention halls with the absolute WORST carpet. Picking the right foot wear for contemporary is honestly a personal choice, but we'd love to suggest a few different contemporary dance socks for you. 

In the studio environment you may find many young dancers taking lyrical or contemporary, while wearing jazz shoes. Jazz shoes offer you a slight grip, but that's about it. With contemporary dance being so rooted in modern dance and movement, it's important to feel grounded in your dancing, while jazz shoes may scrape the surface on this, we have some better contemporary dance shoe options to offer you.

The Best Socks for Contemporary Dance

Barefoot Compression Contemporary Dance Socks.

BUT HOW ?!?! How can you be barefoot and still wear a compression sock for contemporary dance? We are dancers, we know that you want to feel the floor. You want the ball of your foot to be one with the ground, and to feel the grip on that marley flooring. That's why we created barefoot dance compression socks. Allowing the ball and the heel of your foot to feel the floor, keeping you grounded in all of your movement mean while hugging your arches and ankles…not to mention these make your arches look PHENOMENAL. 

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The Joule Shock Contemporary Socks Dance

Barefoot not your thing? But you still want to feel grounded?

One of our top picks is the performance shock. This will still give you the full feel of your jazz shoe, but with a more snug fit, and none of that weird rubber on the bottom of the ball or heel. These will be your LIFESAVER at conventions. Have you ever gotten that nasty convention floor rug burn… Well not anymore! We swear by these, and after your first class in the morning you will too. Say goodbye to the shin splints that you feel after your classes, because these compression socks not only protect your arches and ankles but also give you shock absorption in the ball and heel of your foot. BUT what if you're not at a convention? We have added traction as an option, because we know how slick socks can feel on hardwood or marley flooring. The thing that is so nice about the added traction too, is that you can refresh it to your liking! 

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The Performance Shock Dance Socks Contemporary

BUUUUUUUT what if you want something in between both of these ?!

We are super picky too… that's why we made sure that we created something for everyone. Have you met our Alpha ? It's the perfect combination of our barefoot compression dance socks, and our performance socks. Think of a ballet or jazz shoe, with the heel cut off. You can even add traction to these ones as well! Don't let knock-offs fool you! There is no substitute for the Alpha Shock. Replacing half-sole shoes, the Alpha is a durable and effective contemporary dance sock with a snug hug in the toes. It is so light you forget you are wearing it except for how much better your body feels at the end of the day.

We recommend you have a pair WITH traction for class and NON traction for recovery...but you will probably want a pair for every day of the week!

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The Alpha Shock Modern Dance Socks

It's ok to be picky. Feet are finicky. That's why we are a company that made these for dancers, by dancers. It may take time to find exactly what contemporary dance sock  you want while you’re perfecting your contemporary skills, but that's why we offer free returns and exchanges, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Do what you love, longer and stronger. 

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  • Kim

    I wear the barefoot, dance socks to take mat and Aerial yoga. I have plantar plate issues in my left foot and ankle tendinitis in my right. These socks have allowed me to get back to my yoga practice. My feet are literally pain free. Until I found these socks, I thought I might have to stop yoga, because I could not find a way to practice and be able to have a grip on the floor, yet have my feet slide along an aerial silk. These socks are amazing!

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