Birds Breaking Free from Chains

Detaching From Praise and Criticism with Ashley Mowrey

Pink ballet slippers next to fluffy white rug

The Ballet Body Test with Katrena Cohea

Early Specialization Dance - Rewards and Risks

Early Specialization: Can the rewards outweigh the risks? from Julie Ferrell-Olson

Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici, Ed.D.

Craft & Contract: An Entertainment Career To Fill Your $oul with Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici

5 Steps to Make Your 2021 Dance Dreams a Reality

5 Steps to Make Your Dance Dreams A Reality in 2021 with Brittany Cohen

pandemic reset button

Wherefore Art Thou Reset Button? with Matthew Shaffer

Tenacity Virtual Learning

Tenacity in Virtual Learning with Emily Bufferd

Dance Essentials for Online Learning

A Brave New Studio: The Essentials for Online Learning With Matthew Shaffer

Demise of the Dance Industry

The Beautiful Demise of The Dance Industry with Katrena Cohea

Pandemic Dance Positives

Pandemic Positives with Emily Bufferd

On Dreams of Teaching Dance

On Dreams of Teaching with Emily Bufferd

Dance Studios and COVID-19 Safety

Why I Haven’t Run Back Into the Studio with Emily Bufferd

Addressing Racism in The Dance World

Addressing Racism in the Dance World & Educating the Human With Erin Pride

Five Facts Injuries Indian Classical Dance

Five important facts about injuries in Indian classical dance with Pranamya Suri, MD

Barry Kerollis Dancing in the Epicenter

Dancing in the Epicenter with Barry Kerollis

Injury Spotlight - Knee Pain in Indian Dancers

Dance Science Injury Spotlight: Knee Pain in Indian Classical Dancers

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