What exactly does it mean when we say customizable traction?

What exactly does it mean when we say customizable traction?

Our traction base on our traction Shocks is a unique adhesive that is a fantastic on its own. When you first wear your Shocks, the traction is sticky. Just like any brand new shoe, it needs to be broken in. The reason being, our traction is meant to be customizable for every dancer's preference. Some dancers want to be stuck to the ground with their grip from the start...others want to be able to slide and glide. We found from our testers, it took anywhere from a few hours to a few classes (again depending on the dance floor and preference of the individual) to "break in" their traction. The great part is the traction is meant to wear down until you hit YOUR preferred level of grip. Once it goes past that level of preferred grip to being too slick, we have traction refreshers (products we have found to work) you can apply directly onto the traction to refresh it back to the level of grip you need. This may be different each day depending on the style of dance or floor you are on. Our most loved refresher is the E6000 Spray Adhesive. It is a non-toxic pump spray that you can get at a craft store or Amazon for less than $10. Many testers really loved just using rosin as well. You will be able determine what you like the most. For more information please visit our website: http://www.apollaperformance.com/pages/customize-traction


Apolla Performance … not Apollo! Have you seen that dance sock with the alpha on the back of those black, nude or teal socks at a convention? Or maybe that open heel sock that is sleek and supportive? You have found what you are looking for! All of Apolla Shocks are dance socks that are as durable or more so than any other dance shoe or dance sock on the market. What is truly remarkable about them is the sports science technology to make these high quality compression dance socks that have arch support, ankle stability, and energy absorption. All of our Shocks also have the option of our amazing invisible customizable traction! The traction makes these dance socks have the perfect grip when you need it, but allows for gliding. All Apolla Shocks also are anti-microbial and moisture-wicking. They are the revolutionary dance sock that will replace your dance shoes and dance socks… there is an Apolla Shock for every style, floor, class and convention!

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