Artists & Athletes Initiative

Apolla Performance Wear is a company that is deeply rooted in helping dancers feel better, supported, and protected by treating dancers as Artists AND Athletes. However, there is so much more to helping a dancer be supported and protected from head to toe, from the inside & out. To accomplish this, we are forming a collective of like-minded companies that will each bring a different perspective to help dancers feel whole and healthy in every way. We are honored to partner with these companies and look forward to creating a movement that revolutionizes the dance world.

Sugarfoot Therapy

In celebration of 2017 we are offering your first month's membership at just $2.17!

*Offer good for the entire month of January

Sugarfoot Therapy Meets Apolla Shocks® in this 15 minute dance warm-up, appropriate for intermediate to advanced dancers. These Sugarfoot Therapy exercises focus on dynamic stretching, neuromuscular activation, joint stability, and shock absorption. When you perform this warm-up, you will feel the effectiveness on resisting through the floor in your Apolla Shocks®. Your Shocks provide support from the you train your muscles to provide stability from the inside-out. It will leave your body feeling warm, charged, and ready to dance!

Please watch this video for the full Warm-Up & to learn more!