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Apolla has been extensively testing our Shocks on 55 dancers of all ages and levels across North America for months. Our Apolla Ambassadors have fallen in love with their Shocks but don’t take it from us…here is what they have to say:

Love love love!!! Love the way it feels when I roll through my tendu! Love the way I forget that I have them on! Love the support they give me when I land out of a jete! All around love for the Alphas! I will always have a pair or two in my dance bag!

Kristina Wiselogel~ California

I used to dance barefoot and while it gave me stability it also tore up my feet. With the Apolla Shocks® with traction my feet are callus, blister, cut and burn free. I have the stability of bare feet with the comfort of a fully supportive shoe.

Kristalynn Russell ~ Texas

Alphas are the best options for practice! They are comfortable for both extreme dancing and standing waiting for corrections!

Vanessa Suarez ~ Pennsylvania

My ankles feel so much better at the end of the evening!

Hilary Johnson ~ Nebraska

"I have "difficult feet". It's normally very hard for me to find dance shoes that fit me comfortable and I do not like dancing in socks. These have been a great compromise. Still won't go back from these for ballet!

Juliana Secches ~ NYC

I love the style and fit of the alpha with traction. The more you wear it the better it forms to your foot. The traction also adjusts to your needs specifically over time. A great advantage of the style and design of the alpha is the ability of the dancer to expand their foot width wise for proper balancing/turning exercises while still receiving compression in the correct places for support as well as how the back ankle strap fits. With it fitting up high on the back of the ankle you do not have to worry about it slipping off the heel or bunching up like some of the popular dance shoes out there.

Jessie Merrell ~ Texas