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Look who is partnering with Apolla!

Look who is partnering with Apolla!

Apolla Performance Wear is a company that is deeply rooted in helping dancers feel better, supported, and protected by treating dancers as Artists AND Athletes. However, we know there is so much more to help a dancer be happy, healthy, and whole from head to toe, from the inside & out…which, is the soul to our company. We want to create a movement that revolutionizes the dance world. Create NEW traditions, discuss injury risks and tools that can help serious dance educators and students how to achieve longevity in their careers. It starts with a conversation...and who could the dance world trust to start this discussion?

Our brand new partnership with the legendary

Ms. Mia Michaels! 

After years of barefoot dancing, pain, and injury, Mia discovered Apolla and is joining our team to educate dancers on the importance of treating the body like the athletes that dancers ARE! Our mission is beyond footwear...it is about creating a community of injury prevention and mental preparedness. We honor & respect where dance has come from...and we hope to now upgrade and evolve our dance culture so the next generation of artists and athletes achieve a brighter and healthier future. 

(Mia Michaels is an icon in the dance industry. She is a multi-Emmy award winner who has paved the way for commercial contemporary dance.  Not only is Mia one of the most sought after innovators in the world of dance, but she is also a figure of inspiration to women around the world.)


Introducing a New Series for Serious Dancers

Apolla is proud to also announce a new multi-part presentation, "The New Ground Series:  Redefining TODAY’S dancer." Our first episode will be dropping in May! Each month Mia, focuses on how we can revolutionize the way dancers approach longevity in their careers and their lives. We hope to change the conversation in the dance culture. To shed light on some really important, and sometimes uncomfortable, topics that are affecting today's dancer. This series is made for the serious dance teachers and the students that are preparing to be or are currently, a professional. Beginning in May, we will be releasing one episode a month. Make sure you’re following us on social media and each month share, share, share:

 Facebook/Instagram:  @apollaperformance
Twitter:  @apollawear
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Join Apolla and Mia for this long overdue conversation to leave our dance world better and STRONGER than we found it!


Apolla Performance … not Apollo! Have you seen that dance sock with the alpha on the back of those black, nude or teal socks at a convention? Or maybe that open heel sock that is sleek and supportive? You have found what you are looking for! All of Apolla Shocks are dance socks that are as durable or more so than any other dance shoe or dance sock on the market. What is truly remarkable about them is the sports science technology to make these high quality compression dance socks that have arch support, ankle stability, and energy absorption. All of our Shocks also have the option of our amazing invisible customizable traction! The traction makes these dance socks have the perfect grip when you need it, but allows for gliding. All Apolla Shocks also are anti-microbial and moisture-wicking. They are the revolutionary dance sock that will replace your dance shoes and dance socks… there is an Apolla Shock for every style, floor, class and convention!


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