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Dancer injury rates are staggering. Due to the repetitive nature of dance and high impact forces of jumping etc., inflammation occurs in the joints and muscles. Inflammation, which if not properly treated, will lead to chronic and possibly career-ending injuries.

Yes, proper technique, strength training, and flooring is important, but equally important of this problem is a result of dancing grueling hours in bare feet or non-supportive footwear and lack of recovery time. Apolla Shocks are the answer.

We have thousands of testimonials from dancers like you on how life-changing our Shocks are, plus satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why did a barefoot choreographer, Mia Michaels decide to partner with Apolla? Watch this series to learn why we teamed up to change the culture of dance with evidence based information and the wisdom of a legend.

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  • 2X

    Injury rate of dancers from the knee down compared to football players.

  • 65%

    Of injuries are from inflammation caused by overuse and repetitive strain.

  • 4

    Number of injuries per every 1000 hours of dance

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Learn more about this all-female owned, 100% Made in the USA startup company that started in dancer footwear and has single-handedly changed the game for compression socks.


From Boston Ballet and the top choreographers to the APMA. Our patented footwear is recommended and certified to not only save your feet but save the earth!

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