Life-changing Comfort, Unrivaled Technology

Upgrade your socks, upgrade your life!


Once you put them on your feet, you immediately feel why they are so special. The patented arch support, ankle stability, and energy absorption that feels like a massage for your feet. No other sock on the market combines the quality or science that make our socks superior in comfort and support. Add features like moisture-wicking & eco-friendly and you have engineered a technical foot garment that is ultra-cozy, uber-durable, and crazy effective at reducing pain & fatigue. All while being good for the earth!

Our high quality 20-30mmHg targeted compression supports joints and reduces swelling while our padding in the heel and ball of the foot has been shown in studies to reduce force. Helping you do what you LOVE longer
& stronger.

Arch Support

Apolla Socks’ patented arch support is one-of-a-kind in how it lifts and stabilizes your arch, in key insertion points of the plantar fascia. Their 20-30 mmHg compression zones reduce inflammation related joint and foot pain. 

This helps keep the arch and all the little joints in your foot from moving too much, which can cause swelling and pain. With just the right squeeze, our socks keep your feet feeling good by preventing soreness and problems like plantar fasciitis and tendinitis. They also keep the blood moving just right, so your feet don't get swollen.

Ankle Alignment & Stability, The Kinetic Link Principle

Apolla Socks employ the Kinetic Chain Link Principle, ensuring joint alignment from the ankle to the spine, recognizing that a misalignment can affect the entire body.

Apolla Socks combine patented targeted compression and graduated 20-30 mmHg compression. This dual-action approach stabilizes the ankle, aligning joints and alleviating pain. Then the graduated compression optimizes circulation, crucial for reducing edema and speeding up injury recovery, making these socks a powerhouse for support and rehabilitation.

Energy Absorption

Apolla Socks act as your feet's mini-springs, dampening impact and reducing strain on every joint with each step. 

Shown in multiple studies to reduce force, they're not just comfy – they're crucial for lessening joint wear and tear, aiding in full-body joint and muscle health. 

Ideal for any activity, they ensure a smoother, more energized step every day.

What Does Compression Do?

Apolla Socks bring a holistic boost to your body's well-being, turning regular footwear into a healing tool. 

Their patented compression works like a dynamic pump, propelling inflammation away from tired muscles and reducing blood lactate levels. This targeted support diminishes muscle oscillation, curbing soreness while amplifying power output.

Wearing them means not only quicker recovery but also a boost in overall leg health, ensuring each step is charged with vitality.




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