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Hello, beautiful readers! This month’s post is closely related to the last 3 blog entries (self-love, gratitude & meditation) as it ties into achieving our optimal health!

While many women say that health is a priority in their lives, it often takes a backseat. 

As women, we tend to put the needs of others in front of our own. ((Guilty.))

And if we're already struggling with obligations and lack of time, caring for our own healthcare needs feels like a luxury- even though we know how important it is. 

Quite simply, we have trouble finding time for preventative care until, unfortunately, something happens, and we are then forced to pay attention. 

It’s not an extravagance though; as we get older, it becomes even more necessary for our health and well-being. 

Even if it is just in small increments. 

Women sought healthcare less during the height of the pandemic. In fact, according to the CDC, over 40% of the US adult population avoided or delayed medical care. (

When this happens, diseases and body processes that could have been caught at an earlier, less painful and/or less costly stage, further develop in our bodies. 

A great thing that flourished during lockdown was the proliferation of telemedicine. Simply put, qualified healthcare visits with doctors that takes place over a secured phone or video connection. Telehealth, or telemedicine, visits increased from 50 to even 154% over similar periods of time in 2019. (

Beauty. Who has time for that? We all can find some time in our week for things that make us FEEL, as well as look, good.  Beauty products and services promote a sense a well-being in women which in turn then lowers stress levels. 

We just have to get rid of the misplaced guilt. 

Women who spent money on cosmetics "felt more satisfied, successful, and powerful; they also reported lower levels of stress even if they worked longer hours." 

(The female economy available at

In addition to feeling guilty about taking time for health and self-care, we are overwhelmed and burned out. 

We don't make time for ourselves. 

And if we have free time and it's spent on social media, what is that reinforcing? (Trust me, I'm guilty too. But awareness is key!) 

To close out this month’s post, I want to discuss social media. 

Authors from multiple studies have reported how excessive social media use disturbs our health.

It can and does reinforce the negative connotations that we already have about ourselves and our “lack” (even if it's just a lack of TIME). 

And at the end of your Facebook session (or Twitter or Tik Tok), how are you bettered? 

Here are some tips on how to use social media to your advantage: 

  • Follow people that interest you- not just people you know or who are celebrities. 
  • You know the hashtag #inspo?! Truly think about what inspires you. And go seek it. 
  • Make Instagram (or Pinterest) your personal vision board (and not an exact duplicate of Facebook)
  • In the least, find accounts that make you laugh! Accounts that make you feel good about yourself, life and about others.
  • Don’t let it be the last thing you do before nodding off. Using our phones in bed interferes with quality sleep; a skill something that we drastically need to improve for our overall health.

Lastly, I want to hear from YOU. What health tips and hacks have you recently put in use that are helping YOU?


Dr Tanya Doman (“T”) is a clinical doctor and multi-credentialed health & fitness professional. 

She teaches dance as well as a host of other formats (including yoga, as a 200hr RYT), while also being a long-time Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA). When she’s not working with patients in the clinic or online, she is an elite and exclusive performer for LifeTime. She has served on several boards and task forces including AFAA and California’s Department of Consumer Affairs. 

Her professional and personal priorities were amended when she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2020. A lover of evidenced-based medicine and research, her free time is spent reading studies. 

She provides health and wellness consultations for those seeking to thrive, particularly if they have been impacted by cancer, arthritis or other chronic health conditions. 

You can check out her Instagram profile ( @thefitchick ) where she posts helpful health hacks and reach out to her through her email or the website 

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