In “Dance Longer Dance Stronger”, twenty-five of the nation’s top dancers and choreographers - representing an array of genres - converged in NYC, to film what is sure to be a mantra for dancers everywhere with the underlying tone that change is here.

Apolla Performance believes that dancers are artists and athletes and that it's time to start protecting our bodies, as other sports demand, so we can dance longer and dance stronger.

This campaign is more than an ad. It has become a passion project and is, by all rights, Apolla’s love letter to the dance community. It celebrates the art of dance, but also the athletic mentality required for longevity. For far too long dancers have settled for bulky, ill-fitting shoes and infinite rolls of KT tape, ice, and braces often without regard for how to properly train and recover or the consequences and limits to the life of the career. It’s time for change.

All other athletics have evolved as sport science protection has given them tools to improve training and performance, why not dance? Introducing Apolla Shocks. The Shocks were designed with dancers in mind and each style provides effective arch support, ankle stability, energy absorption and traction options along with moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties. While Apolla is evolving footwear, they wholly embrace tradition so dancers do not sacrifice the aesthetics they hold dear. Shocks help you feel the floor, build strength, accentuate the feet and a dancer’s lines better than any dance shoe on the market. They are not only durable but with several different fit preferences, styles, colors, traction options…there is an Apolla Shock for everyone! An added kicker? They are 100% made in the USA!

Artists challenge convention. Athletes challenge their bodies. We do both.


Chelsea Thedinga


Jenn Freeman


Megan "Megz" Alfonso


Cat Cogliandro


Henry Byalikov


Madison Pineda


Kaylin Maggard


Maximilien Baud


Tehya Baxter


Julia O'Rourke


Monique Smith


Kevin Pajarillaga


Katelyn Prominski


Kelsey Kramer


Asha Griffith






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Lex Ishimoto - @lex_ishimoto

“the compression is amazing… these socks just give me so much support and I love ‘em to death!”

Talia Favia - @talia_favia
Choreographer/Director and Founder of The Difference Between Dance Co.

”I am grateful that a tool has been made with such thought and protection for our craft.”

Cat Cogliandro - @cat_cogliandro
Dancer/Teacher/Creator of CATASTROPHE! Dance Company

“Not only were the Shocks instant relief to my throbbing achilles, but to my entire body...I’m seeing an entire difference in my heart, body and SOUL. I can dance, jump and twirl like my old self again and I can’t thank Apolla enough for [literally] getting me back on my feet…These socks are truly a revolution and I’m so happy to be a part of It. Thank you, Apolla, for helping me to dance longer and stronger. You have saved me.”

Jaimie Goodwin - @jaimiegoodwin
Professional Dancer/Choreographer

"I absolutely love my Shocks. They give me so much support in my arches and the compression provides incredible relief.”

Lauren Adams - @laurenadamschoreography

"My Apolla Shocks have made a huge impact in my overall physical health as a dance educator and choreographer… I've noticed that my feet are no longer sore at the end of the night. I have high arches, and my ankles and feet are prone to injury, so I am relieved to feel lifted and supported in my shocks… Thank you, Apolla for all you are doing for us dancers, teachers and choreographers!”