5 Steps to Make Your Dance Dreams A Reality in 2021 with Brittany Cohen

5 Steps to Make Your 2021 Dance Dreams a Reality

5 Steps to Make Your Dance Dreams A Reality in 2021

by Brittany Cohen

You have BIG dance dreams! You work hard each day you are at your studio because you know that W-O-R-K is what it takes to make those dreams a reality. Right you are! Dreams can only become a reality if we take the action to reach them. It isn't that our dreams are too high above us, out of reach of our fingertips as we stretch up high on our tippy toes. Dreams are not hovering above, but lying in front of us. Our dreams sit on a path in our future. We must make ourselves the person, the dancer we need to be to reach those dreams.

It is our choices, supported by our passion, that will help us connect the dots that lead to our dreams. The future really is never too far away, and we can get to it by achieving goals every day. As dancers, we are very lucky to often be engaged in studio environments that help to map out a great deal of the dots we need to connect, and even help us start to draw the lines to get closer to our dreams. When it comes to our BIG dreams, the effort and support needed to make them come true will take more than what we get in the studio.

The ability to reach our dance dreams is truly more about what happens outside the studio than inside it, as well as more about what happens inside our head than in our movements. Below are five simple and effective ways for you to start making your dance dreams a reality inside your mind and beyond the studio! I encourage you to be honest and kind with yourself through these steps.

  1. Establish A Positive Dancer Mindset:
    • Understand your current feelings and thoughts about yourself as a dancer.
      • Where do these come from?
    • Assess your own point of view on your experiences & abilities.
      • How do you feel about your dancing?
      • How do you feel about your training & performing experiences?
    • Focus on a GROWTH mindset.
      • Your abilities are not fixed or permanent, they can improve!
    • Come from a place of love.
    • Find ways to motivate your journey with positivity and encouraging words of love.

Looking for more support in developing your positive dancer mindset? Email: bcartistry.dance@gmail.com Subject: Positive Dancer for access to a free webinar and a free poster to inspire your positive mindset!

  1. Create a Foundation for Growth with your Passion:
    • Understand your passion for dance. Ask yourself:
      • Why do you dance and what you love about it?
      • Why do you want to reach a new goal?
    • Clarify your goal.
      • Set a SMART goal (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, for a future time- bound (i.e. a year, a season, winter break, etc.))
  1. Create the Path:
    • Understand what you need to do to make the dream a reality! Ask yourself:
      • What three things need to happen for me to improve? 
      • Which areas can I improve within this time frame to reach my goal? 

List 1-3 things you want to accomplish by the end of your time frame that will help you to improve so you can reach that BIG goal. (i.e. if having higher leg extensions is your BIG goal you might need more core strength, more range of motion and stability in your hips, and improved balance to get there). 

If you are unsure of how to do steps 2 or 3, whether it be what specifically you need to do or what would be a possible time frame for it to be reached, please reach out for a complimentary discovery call. Everything is figure-out-able!

  1. Define & Walk your Path:
    • Break down your larger goals.
      • Turn each of the three smaller goals you will need to accomplish into actions that you can take every week to help you get closer toward your goal.
        • Remember - creating the plan is only the first step, your achievement only comes if you follow and stick to the plan, with consistent effort.
  1. Support & Set a Reward:
    • Acknowledge barriers or obstacles that could get in the way of your weekly habits or overall goal achievement.
    • Create a system to help you stay motivated. Include a person who will support your habits and process, set reminders, use images and quotes, and check back in with your passion purpose from step two.
    • Set a reward that will keep you excited to reach your goal. New dance gear, anyone?

Some Final Tips for working towards your goals:

  • You are in control of your own dance development!
  • Celebrate each day, each development, and each moment of your journey!
  • Results come from consistent effort!
  • See the success of others as inspiration, not something to compare yourself to. See what approaches you can adapt that would work for your goals and plan!
  • Connect with other passionate dancers and inspire one another!
  • Have a support group at home (family & friends)!
  • If something isn't working, change it!
  • Always love yourself & care for your body (training, rest, nutrition, self-care, recovery socks, dancer accessories such as dancer masks etc.)!

Are you looking for more resources to help you improve your dance abilities and understanding to reach your goals?

Check out the resources created and cultivated just for passionate dancers like you on the BCA Website - link https://www.bcartistry.dance/bca-dancer-resources

"I teach busy dance moms and their passionate dancers, ages 7-14, 

who feel like they don't have a voice or a plan when 

addressing injuries & development in training 

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and you the relief of knowing your dancer is safe & supported, 

all in the comfort of your home."

A lover of all movement, Brittany received her Master's in Dance Education from Rutgers University and graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts with her B.F.A. in Dance Performance. Brittany is also a Certified Human Movement Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and a Yoga Therapeutics Instructor, using her knowledge for research in the support of safe practices in the development of dance abilities.  She has inspired and supported young dancers & their families as well as studio communities through her work with BC Artistry LLC, offering personalized and comprehensive coaching, training, and consultation. Brittany works with other local dance medicine and wellness specialists as the team leader for the Bridge Dance Project of New Jersey Chapter. You can learn more about Brittany and her work by visiting www.bcartisry.dance, and share in her passion for dance on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/bcartistry.dance/?view_public_for=337597600396109 and Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/bcartistry.dance/

Brittany Cohen, CPT, HMS, EdM & BFA in Dance

BC Artistry LLC - Founder/Owner



"Dance with passion, succeed with science."

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