We created the sock we needed as dancers, and ended up with


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What Makes Apolla so Special

Apolla offers patented compression socks loved by thousands and trusted by top celebrity artists and athletes. Our socks empower you to do more and always feel great. We are driven by a mission to help empower those that need a hand (or foot) to reach their goals. Because when you have less pain, you really can do more to conquer the world!

Apolla timeline

The leap

Best friends and new moms sit on a beach and decide to take a chance on an idea to change the staggering injury rates in the dance world.


Trial & error

Prototyping by hand, surveying over 50 testers, learning the ropes of manufacturing in the US, diving into research studies, designing all of the features that were needed to make an effective product


We are live!

We begin presales in early 2016 and start selling live on our website in August. We are honored to be the footwear of choice for Emmy & Tony nominated choreographer Sonya Tayeh's dance symphony, You'll Still Call Me By Name.


Footwear of choice

We continue growing and are proud to see the lives of the top professional dancers and athletes benefit and improve from our product. From So You Think You Can Dance pros and choreographers to Boston Ballet & hockey pros.


Researched & certified

Apolla socks work, but we wanted independent sources to prove it. We were proud to be used in a research study by Ohio University and were shown to be effective in reducing force & received the American Podiatric Medical Association's Seal of Acceptance.


By popular demand

We can't keep Apolla Socks a cult secret in the dance community any longer. We are working hard to get Apolla Socks on everyone with feet. Helping everyone do more of what they love.



After a year of hustle pivoting and rebranding our company, we air on Shark Tank on April 1st!


Starting at the roots

See where we started as this all-female owned, 100% Made In the USA startup company that has developed an incredible following in an industry of some of the toughest athletes in the world... dancers. Apolla has single-handedly changed the game for compression socks, and this video shows you where it all started.

What Is The StEPS Initiative?

We understand 2020 brought to light so much pain in the world, injustices to be corrected, loss, and a feeling of helplessness. Apolla was created to HELP dancers and give support inside AND outside the studio. We feel the calling to shine a light and DO something we can control. To give help where we can starting with our home, the dance community. So we created the StEPS 2020 Initiative... STudios for Equity, Prevention, and Science. This is our way of starting conversation and igniting a catalyst for change in our dance industry.

We curated this course from the generous donations of experts in the fields of racism, sexual abuse prevention, dance medicine and science, gender equity, dance integration, and nutrition. This is a broad starter course to creating a safe space for your studio and is great information for parents too! In each chapter there are also resources for you to continue to learn more and continue your journey into each topic!

One of the foundations we believe creates change is EDUCATION. So we curated this course from the generosity and donations of experts and every studio owner that applied for the financial relief was required to complete the StEPS 2020 Initiative. We then realized it was such a valuable professional development and continuing education course for ALL educators. So we have decided to keep it available for FREE for all. This course provides education, perspective, and actionable items that every studio can implement right away to effect change.