Size Chart

Please read charts and tips below to ensure the best fit:

*The Infinite & The Performance are Unisex and the Alpha is gender specific.

Tips for Sizing

      • The Alpha Shock is a snug toe fit and the Infinite Shock has a freedom toe fit
        • If a dancer has a very wide foot and is on the top end of the size range listed, you may choose to go up a size in the Alpha Shock
          • For example, if they are a size 7.5 - 8.0 with a very wide foot, you may be more comfortable in a size Large Alpha Shock instead of the size Medium. Your sizing in the Infinite Shock should not be affected with a wider foot.
          • OR if for example, if you range between a 7.5 to an 8 with an average to thin will likely be a Medium. However, if you range between an 8 to an 8.5 average foot to will most likely be a Large Alpha.
      • The Performance Shock is a little more sleek and snug in the toes than the Infinite and more freedom fit than the Alpha. It is the “Goldilocks” Shock fit.
        • If you are at the top of the size range and like more room in your toes or have very wide feet you may be more comfortable in the next size up.
        • If you are at the bottom of the size range and have very thin feet and/or very petite bone structure, you may be more comfortable in the size down.
      • For the Infinite Shock sizing, foot size, narrowness and age may change the size. You may consider selecting one size smaller if:
        • You are at the low end of a size range and are younger than 13 years of age, are very petite for your age, and/or have a more narrow foot than average for your size.
        • For example: an 11-year-old who wears a size 6 shoe would choose a size Small Infinite instead of a Medium (based on the size chart).
        • A 16-year-old who wears size 6 shoes and has average leg and foot size would choose the recommended size Medium.
        • A 16-year-old size 6 with a very narrow foot will likely be more comfortable in a size Small.

*If you are unsure of your size please email us with any sizing questions at We want to help to ensure you are in your optimal fit. 

Please watch our quick How To Wear tutorial videos to see how to put them on.