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Courage Over Comfort and Personal Responsibility with Caroline Lewis-Jones

Written by
Caroline Lewis-Jones
Friday 24, 2020

Courage Over Comfort and Personal Responsibility

by Caroline Lewis-Jones

I have been really digging deep on what to write about this month. I think everyone right now is feeling such uncertainty and internal confusion, right? I know for me I am worried about where my kids will be schooling this coming year, will I be able to travel to all of these amazing dance schools around the country, am I keeping my “older” dancing body in shape, and am I being the best leader that I can be. So many things that are consuming me and yet I am feeling stronger than ever.

I have two favorite quotes by Brene Brown.  “The Greatest Challenge in developing brave leaders is not a lack of professional skill or knowledge. The greatest challenge is helping them recognize and answer their personal call to courage”. The second is “The Cave we fear to enter holds the treasure we seek." I have such a connection to both of these both personally and professionally as a leader in my dance community, as a mom, and personally with my health coaching.

Whether you are a young dancer, teacher, mentor, or parent, I want to encourage you to have Courage Over Comfort. It’s when we get uncomfortable that we are able to dig deeper and wipe away the ambiguity that our brain often latches onto. I have had recent conversations with dancers and their teachers about their lack of desire to dance right now because they are still dancing virtually, they are really missing the way things are and they are doubting themselves. My encouragement is to dig deep and put forth the strongest personal responsibility for yourself that you have ever had.

Think about it, so many amazing things could happen for you personally right now. If you are still dancing at home, you are having to essentially motivate yourself and pay super close attention to how you are training. For the first time in your life, you are having to tell yourself to point your feet, straighten your knees, travel more, feel grounded into the floor, etc. You are being a leader for yourself and seeking your call to courage. I know you can do it. 

Also, I hear dancers talking about not keeping their bodies in shape and how hard it is. Again, this is your personal call to courage and responsibility. You know what is right. Lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy complex carbohydrates, healthy protein, healthy fats, and lots of water is what your Artistic Athletic body needs. You are this beautiful machine that needs care. Also, when you eat healthily, your brain and all of your neurotransmitters are fed. How cool is that!!!

So, with all of this said, your cave of fear and perhaps that place of uncertainty and self-doubt inside of you actually holds all of your treasures. And you know what, you have so many amazing treasures. YOU are worth it. Take hold of yourself and be the leader that you know you are.

Get uncomfortable and make those tough decisions to be the best version of yourself. You know what you need to do, so dig deep.

Want to know a great place to start? We had a webinar, Artists and Athletes Initiative, with myself, Kaycee Jones, Dr. Traci Ferguson, and Katie Schaar. These women are fantastic leaders in their fields and I’m so honored to be sharing with them. We spoke on the importance of proper training, fueling the body for recovery and longevity, and tools/resources that we all love and believe in. You can watch the entire webinar HERE.

As always I am always here for each of you. I believe in You, I believe in me, and together we all need to find our Call to Courage.  Be well, eat more plant-based, move your body, and keep your head up way high.

Caroline Lewis-Jones

Social Media: @clinelewisjones


Caroline Lewis-Jones from South Carolina, has been dancing for over 35 years. She is a mom, married, and is a certified Holistic Health Coach through IIN. Her focus is Plant Based Lifestyle coaching. At the age of 18 she moved to New York City where she performed for six years. Her credits include the VMA’s with NSYNC, the Latin Grammy Awards, many Commercials, Disney Industrials, Britany Spears and Madonna “Me Against the Music” video, MTV’s Body Rock Fitness Video, and more. 

Her true passion lies within contemporary company work, where she had the opportunity to work for Mia Michaels Company R.A.W, Sonya Tayeh, Parsons Project, Dee Caspary’s IV Dance Company, Notario Dance Company, Rhapsody and Company, Soul Escape. She also choreographs for studios around the country, and has taught for Adrenaline Dance Convention for 12 years and The Dance Sessions. 

Caroline has a deep passion for inspiring healthy living and educating dancers on performance, longevity, and protection. 15 years ago she joined a community called Health Made Simple and partnered with a company called Juice Plus. Her motto is if you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?



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