3 Strategies for Reengaging Your Dance Studio Alumni

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3 Strategies for Reengaging Your Dance Studio Alumni

Over the years, your dance studio has built an inspiring network of current students, parents and guardians, donors, and corporate sponsors. Each of these groups can support your dance studio, from enrolling in your classes to buying tickets to your recitals and showcases. However, don’t count out another valuable group that can help push forward your studio’s success: your alumni! 

Even though your alumni have moved on from their time as students at your studio, they’ll always have a special connection to dance and your organization. You can leverage these existing relationships in a variety of ways to foster continued engagement and support. 

Let’s take a look at three key ways you can reinvolve your alumni in your studio and maximize their ongoing participation. 

Host alumni events

What better way to reconnect with your alumni than by inviting them back to where it all started with an engaging event? Organize special events specifically for your alumni, such as reunions, workshops, or performances. These events provide opportunities for alumni to reconnect with each other and tap back into their relationships with your studio’s owner and staff. 

Use these best practices to host an unforgettable event experience that will inspire alumni to stay involved with your business:

  • Consider your alumni’s interests and preferences: Send out surveys to gather insights into what types of events or activities alumni would be most interested in. It can also be helpful to gather demographic data such as where your alumni are living now. Some of your remote alumni, for example, might only be able to attend a virtual event, so hosting a virtual dance workshop could help you maximize attendance. 
  • Promote networking: Whether they’re reconnecting with old classmates or sparking new friendships, your alumni should be able to network during your events to spark a deeper sense of belonging to your studio. Embed networking time into your events or create events solely dedicated to networking, such as alumni mixers. 
  • Bring attention to your studio’s latest happenings: Keeping your alumni tapped into your studio can help you encourage their ongoing participation. During your events, you might spotlight new classes or workshops that are available to adult students, open staff and volunteer roles, upcoming performances and recitals you’re selling tickets for, and any fundraising campaigns you’re leading, such as peer-to-peer dance-a-thon fundraisers

Make sure to market your alumni events widely so you can boost attendance numbers. DanceStudio-Pro’s guide to dance studio marketing recommends taking a multichannel approach to increase touch points with as many alumni as possible. For example, you should leverage channels like social media, email, direct mail, and your dance studio’s website. 

In your content, make sure to highlight the perks of attendance and provide clear instructions on how to register and attend. For example, you might say: “Connect with fellow alumni and learn how you can continue to be part of our vibrant dance community with our alumni mixer this Friday. RSVP now at bit.ly/register to secure your spot and relive the magic of dance with us!"

Offer alumni discounts

Chances are, your alumni still love to dance and would love to get back in the flow of things! After all, dance provides many wellness benefits, including physical fitness, stress relief, improved flexibility, and a sense of creative expression and joy. With this in mind, it makes sense to provide opportunities for your alumni to become students again and relive their glory days. 

Provide discounts or special offers on classes, workshops, or merchandise exclusively for alumni. These discounts will incentivize your alumni to return to the studio and participate in your classes, leading to more revenue for your business. 

Use these best practices to successfully convert alumni into students again:

  • Create limited-time offers: Foster a sense of urgency by offering time-limited discounts, such as early bird specials or flash sales, to encourage alumni to take advantage of reduced rates quickly.
  • Provide additional perks: In addition to discounted class rates, offer extra perks such as priority registration for popular classes or workshops or discounts on studio merchandise.
  • Track and reward loyalty: Implement a loyalty program where alumni earn points or rewards for each class they attend, which they can redeem for future discounts or free classes, encouraging them to continue their engagement with your studio over time.

To inform your dance alumni about these opportunities, you’ll need to create clear communication channels. For example, you might use a dedicated app for dance studios to set up group chats with alumni. Here, you can share announcements, reminders about discounts and reduced rates, and thank-you messages for their continued involvement. Just make sure your alumni download the right app upon registering for your classes so you can stay in contact! 

Create volunteer opportunities

You might have local alumni who are interested in taking on a more active role in your studio’s success. Connect these former students to relevant volunteer opportunities so they can stay involved in the day-to-day of your studio’s operations and set up your future generation of dancers for success. This is a great way to earn some extra support while strengthening your relationships with alumni! 

Use these best practices to engage alumni in volunteering: 

  • Tailor opportunities to alumni interests: Offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that align with alumni interests, skills, and availability. For example, if some of your alumni have expressed interest in supporting your dance education efforts, you might invite them to serve as guest instructors or choreographers for workshops, master classes, or special events. Send out surveys to interested volunteers to collect their insights and pair them with opportunities that they’ll enjoy. 
  • Create clear volunteer roles and expectations: Clearly define volunteer roles, responsibilities, and expectations to ensure that alumni understand how they can contribute and what is required of them. Provide detailed role descriptions, any relevant dance studio forms or waivers to fill out, training, and ongoing support as needed. 
  • Offer flexibility: Recognize that alumni may have busy schedules and other commitments. Offer flexible volunteer opportunities, such as one-time events, short-term projects, or remote tasks, to accommodate their schedules. 
  • Regularly show appreciation: Recognize your alumni's contributions and express gratitude for their time and effort. eCardWidget’s guide to volunteer retention recommends implementing a volunteer recognition program, which can involve sending digital thank-you cards, hosting volunteer appreciation events, and giving gifts like free studio merchandise. 

From preparing your current students for college dance auditions to organizing fundraising events, there are plenty of ways for your alumni to get into the volunteering groove. Incentivize their ongoing involvement with a volunteer of the month contest or shoutouts on your website and social media to keep motivation high. 

Wrapping Up

Your alumni are an important part of your dance studio’s story. Rather than closing the book on their journey, write a new chapter that encourages them to stay involved and engaged in your studio for years to come. Check in regularly on your alumni’s engagement and adjust your strategies as needed to increase their involvement. 

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