Keeping Dancers Engaged: 5 Words You Need To Know with Katrena Cohea

Keeping Dancers Engaged

Keeping Dancers Engaged: 5 Words You Need To Know

by Katrena Cohea

Dance Teachers, I have a question for you:


Once the dust settles from this crazy season we're in, how will your students look back and remember you?

How do you remember that one teacher, the one who made the biggest impact on you?

I’m guessing the first thing that comes to mind isn’t the tips they gave you on petit allegro, but how they made you feel.

Valued. Important. Supported. Heard.

When we remember the teachers and people who made an impact on our lives (especially during difficult times), we remember how they met us where we were in life at any given moment. With open arms, open hearts, ears ready to listen, and words ready to soothe us.

So when your students look back on this time, years from now, they won't remember the technical corrections you gave them or the creative across the floor combo you made to adapt to their living room.

They'll remember how you made them feel; they’ll remember if you met them where they were.

Those five words: meet them where they are, are the key to keeping dancers engaged in virtual classes.

So here's the action I'm inviting you to take to learn more about how to meet our students where they are.

Sign up for my live Engagement Intervention Workshop - it’s happening Friday April 24th at 12pm EST.

You’ll learn:

  • WHY your students aren't as engaged and how to fix it
  • How to RECONNECT with your students no matter the age
  • How to INCREASE your student retention
  • TECHNIQUES and TOOLS to take back to your classroom

(link to join:

Your students will remember the actions you take today for years to come!

Click on the button above to save your spot in the workshop - I’m looking forward to sharing with you and seeing you there!

About Katrena: Katrena Cohea is the CEO of Different Drummer Dance, a studio and online community dedicated to building body-positive dancers and educators. Katrena is a California native and danced professionally in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years before moving to upstate New York with her husband. She teaches body positivity online courses for dance educators and when she’s not dancing or teaching enjoys hiking, cooking, baking and brewing the perfect cup of coffee.


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  • melinda rockwell

    Great article Katrena. Keep up the great inspiration and great dance teachings… Hope to see you SOON .. Miss all of you

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