Ballerinas Posing at a Dance Studio

Leading Your Dance Community Out of the COVID-19 Crisis from Laura Cole

thinking about how to make more money

How I Went From Making $500 a Month in my Online Dance Business to 5-Figures! With Erin Pride

attract clients to your online dance business

Attracting clients for your online dance business is a lot like dating... With Erin Pride

teaching and parenting with empathy

Teaching and Parenting with Empathy with Ashley Mowrey

Dance technique hack

The dance technique hack that has nothing to do with technique with Katrena Cohea

facilitating motor control dance

Facilitating Motor Control with Julie Ferrell-Olson

Dancer Wellness 2021

How Dancer Wellness Will Make 2021 Suck Less with Katrena Cohea

butt pelvic alignment dance

The Butt Part 3: The Backstory on Pelvic Alignment! with Susan Haines, MFA, NKT, FMT, IASTM

Body Image Toxic Diet Culture in Dance Part 1

Body Image and Toxic Diet Culture in Dance-Part 1 with Ashley Mowrey

Special Needs Dance Classes

Working More Effectively with Students Who Have Learning Differences and Special Needs By Erin Pride

Building Your Dream Online Dance Business

Building Your Dream Online Dance Business With Erin Pride

Rewiring the Dance Education System

Rewiring the Dance Education System with Erin Pride

Ways for Dance Industry to Thrive During COVID-19

The Top 3 Ways To Survive and Thrive In The New, Post COVID-19 Dance Industry with Ashani Mfuko

Addressing Racism in The Dance World

Addressing Racism in the Dance World & Educating the Human With Erin Pride

Keeping Students Engaged Online Dance Classes

The 3 Things That Keep Students Engaged During Online Dance Classes with Erin Pride

Troubleshooting Remote Dance Class Tech Issues

Tech Talk with Casey Noblett of Commercial Dance Intensive

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