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Ankle Support Dance Socks

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Why We Made
The Performance Shock

The Sock That Changed Everything

The Performance Shock is the original compression padded dance sock, designed by dancers for dancers. 

Dance injuries are twice as common as football injuries from the knee down, with the majority of injuries due to inflammation. 

No other product on the market provides patented targeted foot support that is more like an orthotic and ankle brace than a sock, but more sock than shoe because it does not restrict range of motion. 

It also has padding shown to reduce force with every jump. All of this is provided in one powerful synergistic footwear to help prevent the risk of injury (e.g., plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, stress fractures, etc.) and relieve pain. 

Apolla is the first and best in the dance sock industry to combat inflammation, not only as an ankle stabilizer but also by providing arch support and reducing force, helping you dance longer, stronger, and with less pain. Guaranteed.

LEARN MORE HERE about the science of Apolla Socks.

Unmatched Value and Quality

The Performance Shock is made with high-quality materials that outlast knock-offs by 5 times. 

Our refreshable patented grip socks make them perfect for any genre of dance. We have evolved dance shoes to provide the necessary aesthetics, function, and pain relief that dancers deserve. 

With targeted support where the ligaments insert at the outer ankle and where the plantar fascia inserts in the foot, we reduce foot and ankle pain better than any other ankle sleeve or plantar fasciitis sleeve on the market. 

Additionally, this style has the option of traction. Apolla's patented grip is flat, allowing for a barefoot feel while being in control of your movement. It is also customizable to your preferences. Learn More HERE.

While this profile is often considered the classic contemporary jazz or contemporary ballet sock, it can really be used for everything from Acro to Zouk! Our products are trusted by the most elite dancers worldwide for injury prevention and recovery.

Benefits of compression socks being shown on Shark Tank by Kaycee and Bri

Science & American-Made Quality You Can Trust:

It took 2 Years, 1000’s of testers, studies, and countless medical professionals to do what no one else could. 

Apolla Compression Socks are engineered to last. 

Rest easy in your purchase knowing not only are Apolla Socks 100% Made in the USA with certified sustainable Repreve© yarns, but we also guarantee your satisfaction with free returns and exchanges.

However, you don’t have to just take our word for it, dive into our testimonials below from real customers to purchase with confidence, or watch our Shark Tank Episode (last pitch of Season 13 Ep. 18) on Hulu/ABC to see why the Sharks fell in love with Apolla.

*Always consult with your doctor if you have any contraindications in wearing compression garments.

Bonus Features

  • Compression Zones of 20-30 mmHg 
  • Quick Drying/Moisture Wicking
  • Anti-Stink (Wear multiple times before washing)
  • Option of Non-Slip Grip 
  • Sleek, No-Seam Toes
  • Stay Put Below Calf Fit
  • Anatomically Correct
  • High Quality Durability

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FSA/HSA Payments Accepted

FSA/HSA Payments Accepted

Buy 3+ Get Free Shipping

Buy 3+ Get Free Shipping

Free Exchanges & Returns

Free Exchanges & Returns

All US orders of 3+ pairs ship free. We stand behind our products. We are so confident you will fall in love that we offer FREE returns/exchanges.

Apolla socks can also be purchased using your FSA/HSA card for eligible plans.

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Apolla Performance Compression Socks Beyond a Sock Technology
Apolla Performance Compression Socks Beyond a Sock Technology
Showing how Apollas patented arch support compression socks lifts and stabilizes the foot arch

Arch Support

Apolla Socks’ patented arch support is one-of-a-kind in how it lifts and stabilizes your arch, in key insertion points of the plantar fascia. Their 20-30 mmHg compression zones reduce inflammation related joint and foot pain. 

This helps keep the arch and all the little joints in your foot from moving too much, which can cause swelling and pain. With just the right squeeze, our socks keep your feet feeling good by preventing soreness and problems like plantar fasciitis and tendinitis. They also keep the blood moving just right, so your feet don't get swollen.

Showing how Apolla Socks employ the Kinetic Chain Link Principle ensuring joint alignment from the ankle to the spine

Ankle Alignment & Stability, The Kinetic Link Principle

Apolla Socks employ the Kinetic Chain Link Principle, ensuring joint alignment from the ankle to the spine, recognizing that a misalignment can affect the entire body.

Apolla Socks combine patented targeted compression and graduated 20-30 mmHg compression. This dual-action approach stabilizes the ankle, aligning joints and alleviating pain. Then the graduated compression optimizes circulation, crucial for reducing edema and speeding up injury recovery, making these socks a powerhouse for support and rehabilitation.

Showing how Apolla Compression Socks act as your feets mini-springs dampening impact and reducing strain on every joint with each step

Energy Absorption

Apolla Socks act as your feet's mini-springs, dampening impact and reducing strain on every joint with each step. 

Shown in multiple studies to reduce force, they're not just comfy – they're crucial for lessening joint wear and tear, aiding in full-body joint and muscle health. 

Ideal for any activity, they ensure a smoother, more energized step every day.

Showing how the Compression of Apolla Socks works like a dynamic pump propelling inflammation away from tired muscles and reducing blood lactate levels

What Does Compression Do?

Apolla Socks bring a holistic boost to your body's well-being, turning regular footwear into a healing tool. 

Their patented compression works like a dynamic pump, propelling inflammation away from tired muscles and reducing blood lactate levels. This targeted support diminishes muscle oscillation, curbing soreness while amplifying power output.

Wearing them means not only quicker recovery but also a boost in overall leg health, ensuring each step is charged with vitality.