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Make sure to watch the 1-minute video tutorial below…very important information about the traction!

FINALLY! Dancer footwear that has grip that goes hand in hand with your technique. Apolla Shock's traction doesn't make you rely on doesn't change your weight distribution and does not disappear after a couple of months. It gives you control while the ability to slide, glide, trick, and feel truly grounded...all while providing the most important thing a dancer needs in and protection.

Our patented unique traction is revolutionary by eliminating the fabric, bulk, and uncomfortable seams underfoot that exists on all other dance footwear. These seams and bulk can impede you feeling the floor and can cause inflammation for the metatarsals. By replacing your dance shoes with our Shocks it results in a gorgeous look that enhances your ability to feel the floor and accentuates and protects the foot. It gives you feedback in a completely new way and allows your feet to warm-up fully and deeply. What’s most exciting is that it's a traction base that can be customized! At Apolla, we know every dance surface is unique. From class, to rehearsal, to stage, dancers should be prepared for anything. Our traction is unique because it can be tailored to fit every scenario giving you control while not losing the ability to slide and glide. 


  • Our traction WILL (and should) start sticky (please always email us if you do not feel strong resistance on the first step)
  • Then you break it in and wear it down.
    • This can take 1-3 classes…longer for some…shorter for others.
    • The traction will wear down to nothing IF you do not refresh it!
  • BUT once it hits the level of grip you prefer, where you want to KEEP IT
  • Start to use the traction refresher recommended E6000 Spray Adhesive (we sell this as an add-on), it will continue to “re-stick” the grip over and over for the life of the Shocks.
    • Some like to use rosin, spray rosin, or hairspray
    • We suggest you try them to determine which product works best to suit your personal needs.
  • This allows you to have control when you need it and freedom too.

  • Shake the bottle of E6000 non-toxic spray adhesive well
  • Spray 5-10 pumps on the traction base
  • Let dry (some like to rub the bottoms together as they dry
    • Some like to let their socks get dirtier and wait to wash as often to get the grip they prefer…but this is personal preference.
    • They are antimicrobial though, so they can be treated more like shoes
    • But if you do wash them, wash them in a mesh bag to preserve the grip

    Please note: A few testers noticed some sticky residue on the first few uses. However, it washes up easily and will not damage floors (see FAQs if you want more information). If this is noticed on your floor, we recommend washing the Shocks inside out 1-2 times before using. There is no guaranteed time until you will start refreshing the grip. It completely depends on the individual preferences and floors. It is important you have a refresher ready when you get your Shocks. Re-apply when/if needed.


    • All of our Shocks can be washed and dried according to our recommended care instructions
    • We strongly encourage you to always use your Apolla Mesh Bag when laundering.
    • It is also recommended to wash your Shocks inside out to preserve grip


    • We highly recommend you purchase the WITH Traction on all dance floor surfaces unless you have very sticky high-quality marley floor. 
    • Note, our Shocks do NOT have cotton, so if you do prefer that slight grip cotton provides you will want WITH traction and wear them down to the grip that you will love and be able to refresh...once you break in the Shocks...they will become your favorite grip. 
    • The traction is only on the ball of the foot for the Performance, Infinite, and the Alpha style. This allows you to have the freedom to slide and glide and also have control
    • The AMP style traction is on the heel AND the ball of the foot if you need more traction that easily replaces a slip-on jazz shoe
    • You can click on the link at the top of the page for a short quiz to help you decide if you are unsure if you should get with or non-traction.
    • NON-traction are for in shoes and carpet at conventions (they are VERY durable and provide much-needed protection on the carpeted concrete)

    For Frequently Asked Questions go to:

    IMPORTANT: While our WITH traction Shocks are made for dancers, our NON-traction Shocks are for all types of athletes and any person who is on their feet all day. They truly will change the way your body feels after a long day or workout. Not only will your dancers want these Shocks but so will their parents and siblings! There is no athletic sock out there that can rival the quality, support features, and effectiveness of our compression for price of the Apolla Shocks®. We are here to help everyone be on their feet longer and stronger.