Customize Traction

Our patent-pending invisible traction is revolutionary on its own by eliminating the fabric, bulk, and uncomfortable seams underfoot that exists on all other dance footwear. This results in a gorgeous look that enhances your ability to feel the floor and accentuates the foot. What’s most exciting is that it's a traction base that can be customized! At Apolla, we know every dance surface is unique. From class, to rehearsal, to stage, dancers should be prepared for anything. Our traction is incredibly effective on its own, but most importantly, can be tailored to fit every scenario when and where you need it most.

Apolla is a company of dancers that know what you need. We pride ourselves on our extensive testing program and are always looking for ways to improve our product line so dancers can continue to dance longer and stronger. See below for a list of inexpensive products that may be used in conjunction with our invisible traction to customize, refresh, and compliment the foundation. We suggest you try them to determine which product works best to suit your personal needs. Apolla Performance Wear does not endorse or make any claim regarding the safety or use of these add-on products. Click on the links below (many of these products can be bought in many places...we are just providing one example):

Please note: The traction does start out sticky! It may be the level of grip you prefer right off the bat...or it may need to be broken in. This can take a few hours to a few classes.Some testers noticed some sticky residue on the first few uses. However, it washes up easily and will not damage floors. It is designed to start sticky and wear down to the level of grip you prefer. Once you feel you need more traction, simply apply any of the above products to your Apolla Shocks® with traction (as indicated on the individual product packaging) and wear and wash your Shocks as normal. We recommend you start with a minimal amount and add to reach your personal preference and desired grip and glide. Re-apply when/if needed.


  • All of our Shocks can be washed and dried according to our recommended care
  • We strongly encourage you to always use your Apolla Mesh Bag when laundering.
  • We highly recommend you purchase the Alpha’s WITH Traction on all dance surfaces except for convention use on carpet or very high quality marley

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IMPORTANT: While our Alpha Shocks are made for dancers, our non-traction Infinite Shocks are for all types of athletes and any person who is on their feet all day. They truly will change the way your body feels after a long day or workout. Not only will your dancers want these Shocks but so will their parents and siblings! There is no athletic sock out there that can rival the quality, support or price of the Apolla Shocks®. We are here to help everyone work harder and work stronger.