5 Ways to Improve Your Dance Class with Erin Pride

5 Ways to Improve Your Dance Class with Erin Pride

Written by
Kolissa Manchan
Tuesday 15, 2019

5 Ways to Improve Your Dance Class with Erin Pride

Are you a Dance Educator or Studio Owner who is a forever learner and always looking for ways to improve the quality, experience, and outcome of your dance classes? Do you like FREE stuff?! Then this article is for you! 

Erin Pride is a dance education consultant and has 5 ways you can improve your dance class. As a dance education coach, her aim is to help busy, passionate dance educators simplify class planning and teach from a place of intentionality. 

She can guarantee that when you begin to adopt some of the below strategies into your teaching practices you will begin to see a vast difference in your dancers, and yourself as an educator. Here is a snippet of her full FREE lesson, and to dive into all of the below tips and practices deeper, click here.

5 Ways to Improve Your Dance Class

1- Bloom’s Taxonomy: 

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a tool that can be used to propel student learning and bring more creativity into your teaching practices.

2- Differentiating Instruction: 

Differentiating instruction is not only teaching mixed levels, but it’s also the ability to connect with and teach students from different backgrounds and with varied learning styles.

3- Scaffolding: 

Ahhhh what I like to call “the holy grail”. If you dive into scaffolding, your teaching life will be easier, your classes more engaging, and your student learning will skyrocket.

4- Using Concepts: 

Concepts aka setting an intention for your classes. 

5- Setting Your Warm-Up: 

Going into each class and teaching a new warm-up can be draining, overwhelming for you and your students, and outright daunting. Food for thought - are your students really able to grow, self-correct, and improve if every class you are using the time to teach a new warm-up?

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