Making a Career in Dance Casey Noblett

Making a Career In Dance with Casey Noblett, Founder of Commercial Dance Intensive

Written by
Casey Noblett
Wednesday 15, 2020

Making a Career In Dance

(Hint: It is more than just class)

by Casey Noblett, Founder of Commercial Dance Intensive

Hi all! I am Casey Noblett, the founder, and director of the Commercial Dance Intensive. In 2014, I started creating a new way to train the next generation of dancers for the commercial dance industry. I wanted to focus not only on technique but all the stuff behind the scenes that can make or break a career.  CDI’s mission is to educate dance teachers, dancers and even dance moms and dads on the ins and outs of the business side of dance. If your dream is to do this every day and get paid for it, let’s make that happen as soon as possible! Join us on our social media or at any of our summer, Fall or Winter events and learn crucial skills like how to dance on camera, in heels, for a professional dance team, audition for an agent, take a headshot, dance in a music video, file taxes, create a social media presence and so much more. Are you ready to work in the commercial dance industry? You will be!

Our first video is a great crash course on audition tips and tricks. These apply to not only the commercial world but college and convention as well.  If you love that one, head over to our YouTube channel for more seminars, interviews, and audition combos to help you train from home. Remember, to make it in the dance industry your dance education has to be more than just class!


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