Spotlight Bio, Brianne Zborowski, Co-Founder & CEO | Apolla Performance – Apolla Performance Wear

Spotlight Bio- Brianne Zborowski, Co-Founder & CEO | Apolla Performance

Spotlight Bio- Brianne Zborowski, Co-Founder & CEO | Apolla Performance

It’s time to meet one of the amazing creators of Apolla, Bri Zborowski! 

One of the three ladies of Apolla is Brianne Zborowski. Bri was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.  Brianne’s parents are successful business owners and instilled the value of hard work and persistence early on. Brianne found her love of dance and performing at a young age and knew at age 7 her life would be built around her passion for dance.  

Brianne studied all major dance subjects at Mary Skiba’s School of Dance in Macomb, MI and trained extensively at Broadway Dance Center in NY, and Debbie Reynold’s Dance Studio, Millennium Dance Complex, and Edge PAC in Los Angeles.  She was also part of a semi-professional show choir ensemble at Macomb Community College.

Brianne received her B.S. in Business Management with an emphasis on Management and Marketing from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan while teaching dance and working in the family business. She moved to Los Angeles where she continued her dance training with the best of the best and was able to travel across the country with many different dance opportunities including: Hollywood Carnival, a video for Sean Kingston, assisting master classes for Celine Dion’s dancers at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and working with Urban Legends and Adrenaline Dance Convention.  

At this time, Brianne also worked as an Accounting Manager and Food Safety Coordinator for a specialties company, where she really gained her confidence with business operations. 

Brianne is the co-founder of successful competitive programs at three different dance studios (Michigan, LA, and now Texas) that are all thriving and growing today. Brianne now resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband Nick (convention director/teacher/choreographer) and they are the proud parents of Jackson and Lola, who are always their best success in life!

They are also the co-directors of MOVZ Dance Company.  Together, with an amazing faculty and family of dancers, they are enjoying building unique, well rounded program.

Brianne is now the Co-Founder & CEO of Apolla Performance Wear. Along with her partners, she is excited to change the way dancers take care of their bodies and help them dance longer and stronger.  This newest step in her journey fuses her love of business and dance and she feels fortunate to be able to use all of her experiences to bring new awareness to an industry she has loved since she was a little girl. Dancers can now find the gear they need in the studio from compression socks to dance footwear and accessories.

Apolla is truly a revolutionary company and she can’t wait to see how it inspires dancers everywhere to maximize their Attitude.Performance.Art.

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