Troubleshooting Remote Dance Class Tech Issues

Tech Talk with Casey Noblett of Commercial Dance Intensive

Written by
Casey Noblett
Monday 11, 2020

Tech Talk

by Casey Noblett

I am not sure about you, but this time at home has me googling tech tricks and tips everyday!

As director of the Commercial Dance Intensive, I  have been putting up industry tutorials, going live on our Instagram, uploading audition combos to IGTV, creating YouTube videos, Zoom-ing teacher seminars, taking fitness and dance classes online, and more! I seem to always hit a roadblock somewhere along the way and am forced to go and find a quick fix online. I spent hours trying to get the sound to my speaker for a Zoom class, or researching how to make my IGTV posts longer than 10 minutes, or creating a background track for a promo video that YouTube wouldn’t block 5 minutes after I uploaded it - whew!!

Because of all of my hiccups, I decided this month to share a few of my favorite tech tutorials that CDI has put together to hopefully help you make the most of your time at home and make all those online classes and studio promotions easier and more effective.

Here is a great seminar on how to navigate and make your Zoom classes and meetings easier- led by our Marketing and Social Media director MK Cranford and our Director of Operations Melissa Strain. I learned so much in this one! I am also adding in two tutorials I did on iMovie and Garageband to make those video posts even more exciting and professional (please click on each hyperlink to take you to the videos).

Hang in there and this new virtual dance world is not going anywhere so let’s use this time to educate ourselves on how to grow with it!

Casey Noblett

Director, Commercial Dance Intensive

To learn more about CDI and all the incredible resources they have to offer dancers. Go to:

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Jun 09, 2020

These are good links – and reminders for help how to navigate some of the issues we’re all dealing with for tech nowadays


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