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We introduce Mia and Apolla's collaboration...but this series is about SO much more than just footwear. The first of 4 episodes sets up the series and focuses on the many injury risks dancers are exposed to in their lifetime. We bring together sports science research with Mia’s extraordinary experience. This episode kicks off the discussion, bringing awareness to the dance culture that has an epidemic of injuries and what we can do to start the conversation to enact change. We redefining dancers as artists AND athletes that train their minds, bodies, and souls like the athletes they are. Throughout the series, Mia dives into what changed her mind and her stance on many of the old traditions. She shares with the next generation of dancers how to avoid common failures in hopes to help dancers everywhere enjoy a long and healthy career in dance.

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Apolla is proud to present to you, “Dance Longer. Dance Stronger.” This dance film unites the dance community with an empowering message that celebrates the art of dance but also the athletic mentality required for longevity. This film is Apolla’s love letter to the dance community, we hope you enjoy it and share it! We also provide individual videos from your favorite dancers and a look behind the scenes of the making of this epic dance video. You can download the track, "We Are" to Apolla's dance film by clicking here for FREE! This is our gift to the dance community and we hope it inspires everyone to Dance Longer. Dance Stronger. Copyright Apolla Performance Wear LLC "We Are" Lyrics was written by Janine Rose Performed by: Jo Lampert Composed by: Julian Pollack & Jo Lampert

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Apolla Performance Wear is a company that is deeply rooted in helping dancers feel better, supported, and protected by treating dancers as Artists AND Athletes. However, there is so much more to helping a dancer be happy, healthy, and whole from head to toe, from the inside & out…which is the soul to our company. To accomplish this, we are forming a collective of like-minded companies that will each bring a different perspective to help dancers dance stronger and dance longer in every way. You can see all of our partners HERE.

In this video, we introduce the science behind Apolla along with other partners Caroline Lewis-Jones and Sugarfoot Therapy as we dive into how you can train as an artist and athlete.

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We love seeing dancers wearing our Apolla socks from all over the world. We are constantly tagged on social media and are sent videos we are proud to share. This page houses a small collection of special projects we were proud to be part of and we love how they show what Apolla socks can truly do!

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