Apolla Performance Wear is a company that is deeply rooted in helping dancers feel better, supported, and protected by treating dancers as Artists AND Athletes. However, there is so much more to helping a dancer be happy, healthy, and whole from head to toe, from the inside & out…which is the soul to our company. To accomplish this, we are forming a collective of like-minded companies that will each bring a different perspective to help dancers dance stronger and dance longer in every way.

If you love Apolla and all we stand for…you are going to love these companies too. We are honored to partner with these companies and look forward to creating a movement that revolutionizes the dance world.

Please take a moment to get to know these companies and incorporating them in your dance life.

We are honored that these talented and trusted dancers choose to dance in our Apolla Shocks to help keep them dancing stronger and continue their dance careers longer! Want to see more of your favorite & most trusted professional dancers & choreographers wearing Apolla Shocks? Want to see testimonials of who is wearing them? Please click HERE

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