How Apolla Socks Are Made

apolla socks made in the usa

Apolla was created out of our passion for dance. The idea for creating our patented compression socks was born out of helping dancers make quicker recoveries and do what they love for longer. Beyond the dance space, our mission has always been about our passion to help and educate by making a positive impact on an individual’s daily life.

After performing advanced research and conducting intensive studies that prove our socks facilitate quicker and stronger recoveries for dancers, we wanted to see if there was an opportunity to offer these same benefits to athletes and everyday lifestyles. As a result, we were able to develop two different versions (dance and non-dance) of our socks that suit the requirements of individuals with different needs.

We know from personal experience that the world of dance is riddled with injuries because of poor training, nutrition, and lack of rest. But we found an opportunity through the products that we’ve developed to shed light on the new dance medicine studies and sports technology updates that are available. Rooted in “whole-istic” health, we believe in sharing the knowledge and products that help people live better lives. Because when you know better, you can do better.

Our journey started by doing extensive research in journals, surveying hundreds of dancers about their support needs and how to properly identify their conditions. Then, we discovered Manufacturing Solutions Center in Conover, North Carolina. They helped connect us with different knit and yarn companies, who eventually helped us develop our initial prototype.

The first product for our brand is called The Alpha Shock. This “sock version of a shoe” concept was the first design that we used to start conducting rigorous tests. We invited over 50 dancers of various skill levels throughout the country to be part of our testing. Rigorous testing measures were taken over the next two years to ensure our product was perfected and doing exactly what it says it’s going to do—ensure stronger recoveries and help prevent injuries. We are dancers ourselves, so we wanted to address the chronic pain that dancers experience in this space, so that the next generation of dancers doesn’t have to experience a lifetime of pain from preventable injuries. And if we can have this effect on dancers, why not make these health and wellness benefits available to everyone?

In addition to making assorted patented sock designs with targeted compression, we also pride ourselves in taking sustainable measures to produce eco-friendly products. This level of engineering for performance features is only available in Apolla Shocks. Key properties of our socks include advanced moisture-wicking, arch support, ankle stability, energy absorption, better circulation, and antimicrobial properties. What’s also unique about our socks is that they have adhesive traction and can be refreshed with our adhesive spray for better grip over longer periods of time.

Completely sourced and manufactured in the USA, our socks undergo advanced research and development to ensure the highest level of product quality.

Our all-female-owned company begins our production process by compiling data from sports science research and evidence-backed studies. Then, our engineering team applies this data when they’re constructing our performance socks to work with your body in ways that no other sock can replicate.

The physical formation of our socks begins in the heart of North Carolina where we source and knit all of our designs with the highest quality materials. We pride ourselves on working with a community whose sole mission is to be able to keep manufacturing in the USA. Hard-working Americans operate the advanced knitting machinery that’s used to produce our socks. After each sock is knitted, they are precisely inspected and finished by hand on an individual basis.

Keeping in stride with our Made in USA design philosophy, our socks are then shipped to our fulfillment center in Tucson, Arizona. Apart from the Apolla team since its inception, this family-owned and operated facility continues to be a key stakeholder in our brand’s distribution process.

Not only are our yarns made with the highest quality, but they’re also durable and completely recyclable. They’re made with Reprieve fabric that’s formed using recycled nylon fibers that help us save energy and reduce our production resources. These nylon fibers are designed to add resilience and abrasion resistance to our socks and prolong their overall lifespan. They’re also met with advanced compression, comfort, thermal, and moisture-wicking properties. Not only will these properties help you do what you love for longer, but they’ll help your socks last longer too.

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