Ballerinas Posing at a Dance Studio

Leading Your Dance Community Out of the COVID-19 Crisis from Laura Cole

Birds Breaking Free from Chains

Detaching From Praise and Criticism with Ashley Mowrey

Teddy Bear with Injuries

The abundance of adolescence: How puberty increases teenage dancers risk of injury with Brittany Cohen

Step by Step on Small Wooden Cubes

5 Steps to a Successful Dance Audition with Katie Groven

Pink ballet slippers next to fluffy white rug

The Ballet Body Test with Katrena Cohea

thinking about how to make more money

How I Went From Making $500 a Month in my Online Dance Business to 5-Figures! With Erin Pride

Why Your Dance Bag Needs a Makeover from Gina McFadden

Why Your Dance Bag Needs a Makeover from Gina McFadden

Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici, Ed.D.

Craft & Contract: An Entertainment Career To Fill Your $oul with Dr. Sandra Colton-Medici

Body Imaged Toxic Diet Culture in Dance Part 3

Body Image and Toxic Diet Culture in Dance-Part 3 with Ashley Mowrey

Preventing Dance Burnout

Preventing Burnout in Dance with Julie Ferrell-Olson

pandemic reset button

Wherefore Art Thou Reset Button? with Matthew Shaffer

Tenacity Virtual Learning

Tenacity in Virtual Learning with Emily Bufferd

Apolla Performance Favorite Dance Movies

Dance Movies: Our Staff’s Favorite Classics and Guilty Pleasures from Apolla

Acknowledging Injury as a Dancer

It's not a last resort: Acknowledging injury as a dancer with Brittany Cohen

Dance Essentials for Online Learning

A Brave New Studio: The Essentials for Online Learning With Matthew Shaffer

Pandemic Dance Positives

Pandemic Positives with Emily Bufferd

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