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Fit & Sizing

What is my size?
View our Size Chart
How does the Alpha Shock fit?
The Alpha Shock is intended to be a very snug fit. Intended for those dancers that like buying their dance shoes nice and snug. This is to eliminate the annoyance of floppy toes in traditional footwear that don’t fit your foot well. The Alpha’s snug fit helps accentuate the entire foot and is light but durable. The Alpha replaces your half-sole dance shoe and provides much needed and effective support.
How does the Infinite Shock fit?

The Infinite Shock is intended to give your toes a little more freedom to spread out and ground you while dancing. It gives you the freedom of a sock but with full coverage protection and maximum support. The best sock you have ever danced in.

Please see our quick video tutorial of How To Wear your Shocks here

How does the Performance Shock fit?
  • The Performance Shock fits just like the Infinite with a few differences:
    • Lower profile: the top of the Shock should hit below the bottom of the calf.
    • More sleek and fitted in the toes than the Infinite to accentuate the feet and create a more seamless look onstage.
    • Please see our quick video tutorial of How To Wear your Shocks here
How does the AMP Shock fit?
  • The AMP fits exactly like the Performance Shock fits.
    • Low profile just below ankle bone.
    • Same foot and toe as the Performance Shock. Available only in non-traction which makes them perfect to wear in shoes for cheer, hip-hop, tap, cross-training, barre, or for every day wear. Wish to have the AMP WITH traction? Please let us know! Email us at: info@apollaperformance.com
    • Please see our quick video tutorial of How To Wear your Shocks here
How does the Joule fit?

The Joule is thin, light, and provides comfortable and effective arch and ankle support while leaving the ball of your foot and heel exposed.

If the turn-welt at the end of the Joule comes up too far under the ball of the foot, you are in a size too big. If the arch is not completely covered, you are in a size too small.

Make sure when you put them on the ribbed arch band is closer to your toes when you slip it on…it should not be on the ankle.

Here is a short tutorial how to put them on and How To Wear your Shocks here

How does the K-Warmer fit?

This is not your 1980s legwarmer! The Kinesio Warmer is snug with consistent compression throughout that provides your legs with support you don’t even realize you are craving. They are sleek so they don’t get in the way and they stay in place, so you won’t be tugging on them all class. They are only one size and they fit most teenagers up thru adult males and will vary in length on each person. It is versatile so play with how you want to wear it.

Here is a short tutorial how to put them on and How To Wear them

What does “anatomically correct” mean?

All of our Apolla Shocks® have a Right and a Left foot and must be worn on the correct foot to be effective and have optimal fit.

Infinites: On the back inside cuff of the calf you will see a knit in "R" (right) and "L" (left). To know the correct foot to wear on.

Alphas: Due to the sleek design of the Alpha Shocks, the Right/Left designation is not labeled however; you can tell by simply looking at your Shocks. Place your Shocks on the ground, energy absorption side facing down. You will notice the silhouette of the toes of the Shock is diagonal in the outline. The highest point of the toes should be on the inside of the foot and will hold the big toe. Please match up and wear accordingly.

Please see our quick video tutorial of How To Wear them

I don’t know what style to get? Can you help?

Not sure what is YOUR perfect fit? CLICK HERE TO TAKE YOUR PERFECT FIT SURVEY AND DISCOVER YOUR APOLLA SHOCK STYLE.On the top of this page there are also many options of ways you can reach us so we can help!

If I am younger than 12 OR very petite for my age OR have a very narrow foot does that change my size for the Infinite, Performance or the Alpha Shock?

Infinite and Performance Shock sizing may vary based on foot size and age. You may consider selecting one size smaller if: If you are younger than 11 years of age, are very petite, or have a very long/narrow foot but have a larger size of foot. For example: an 11 year old who wears a size 6 shoe would choose a size Small Infinite instead of a Medium (based on the size chart). A 16 year old who wears a size 6 shoe and has average leg and foot size would choose the recommended size Medium.

If I have a very wide foot, does that change my size?

If you have a very wide foot and are on the top end of the size range listed, you may choose to go up a size in the Alpha Shock. For example, if you are a size 7.5 with a wide foot, you may be more comfortable in a size Large Alpha Shock instead of the size Medium. Your sizing in the Infinite or Performance Shocks should not be affected.

How do I best put on my Alphas?

This is a compression garment. It takes practice to put it on quickly. However, it will become very easy once you have worn a few times. Here are some suggestions and tips how to put on your Alpha Shocks:

  • Put your Alphas on like you would put on tights.
  • All Apolla Shocks® are anatomically correct with a left and right foot.
    • Look for the highest point of the shock to know where the big toe of each foot should go.
  • Make sure knit-in energy absorption is facing the ground when you put them on.
  • Start with scrunching the opening with your thumbs down to the toes than stretch the toes in first.
  • Once you have filled the fabric out completely with your toes and ball of the foot, stretch over the arch and bring the heel strap under your heel.
  • Slip the heel strap behind your Achilles and lay the heel strap flat on your ankle and across the back of your Achilles tendon.
  • The strap should lay comfortably touching the bottom your anklebone.
  • Please see our quick video tutorial of How To Wear your Shocks here
How do I best put on my Infinite and Performance Shocks?

This is a compression garment. Know the first few times you put it on takes practice. However, it will become very easy once you have worn a few times.

  • Put your Infinites/Performance Shocks on like you would put on tights.
  • All Apolla Shocks® are anatomically correct with a left and right foot.
  • On the back inside cuff of the calf you will see a knit in "R" (right) and "L" (left). To know the correct foot to wear on.
  • Make sure knit-in energy absorption is facing the ground when you put them on.
  • Roll the sleeve of the Shock down and scrunch down to the toes with your thumbs on the inside.
  • Fill out the toes and ball of the foot.
  • Completely stretch the sock back over your heel and pull up over the calf.
  • The Y stitch in the heel should be the center of your heel diagonally.
  • Smooth out any wrinkles so fabric lays flat on your feet and calves.
Is it normal for my Alphas to fit very snug on my toes and ball of the foot?
Yes, the Alpha design is meant to be snug to hug to every curve of your feet and toes to truly show off your feet when you dance. However, if you feel the fit is too snug, it is pulling your toes back to curl when standing and the energy absorption line does NOT come below the ball of your foot…you may be in too small of an Alpha. Please do not dance in them, just try them on to determine fit and contact info@apollaperformance.com for exchange information.
There is too much room in the toes on my pair of Shocks, why?
The Infinite and Performance Shocks are intended to provide freedom fit in the toes. However, if the toes are baggy, you may be in the wrong size. There are few body parts that vary or are more inconsistent than the feet. From toe length to proportions of the arch...so while our size chart is a very good start…there will always be exceptions to the size chart. If you feel your Shock is too big, please email us at info@apollaperformance.com. Please also take a moment to watch this short tutorial on how to wear your Shocks…sometimes the ill fit is just due to not putting the Shock on properly.

Traction Questions:

What does Customizable Invisible Traction mean?

View our Customize Traction page.

Can I wear my Apolla Shocks® on any kind of flooring?

Apolla Shocks® come in a traction and non-traction version and can be worn on most common dance surfaces (i.e. marley, wood, gymnasium, convention carpet). The traction version will work best on marley, wood, or gymnasium flooring while the non traction version is best for settings with carpet flooring, such as conventions, or if you plan to wear your Shocks with shoes. PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT recommend wearing your Shocks on concrete, turf, or floors that could snag your Shocks. They may cause holes or defects that Apolla is not responsible for.

Please watch this short 1 minute video to learn how to customize our traction.

Can I use rosin with my Shocks?

YES some love just simply using rock or clear rosin to keep their grip where they prefer. HOWEVER, the overall favorite refresher is E6000 Spray Adhesive. You can purchase on our site here.

Can the traction leave residue on my dance floor?
Upon initial wear, the traction requires a “breaking in” period to get the grip to your preferred level of grip. It is also during this time, a small number of our testers reported a residue from the traction on their floors. However; it is not something that happens each time and dissipates after wearing and washing. The residue is not something that harms the floor in any way, wipes clean with regular cleanings. If you have any problems, please use a solution of water and vinegar to clean with a dry rough cloth and it should clean it easily. If you know your floor has this problem, please wash your Shocks before wearing the first time and this should help reduce the residue upon initial wear. We appreciate hearing from you if you experience this so we can get your thoughts and feedback. Please email us at info@apollaperformance.com.
How do I decide between traction or non-traction?

We recommend all dancers having 1 of each version of our Shocks to always have your dance needs covered on any surface in and out of the studio. However, if you need to choose here is our go-to guide:

  • If you have enjoyed the level of traction provided in a typical sock on your dance floor OR if you plan to only wear your shocks in your tennis shoes, tap shoes, or on carpet then the non-traction is for you...HOWEVER, please note our Shocks do NOT have cotton.
  • If you want more traction and want control of your movement, have a very slick floor and/or will only be wearing these directly on a dance surface, then traction version is for you.
  • Our non-traction version works wonderfully on carpet in a convention setting.
  • Please watch this short 1 minute video to learn how to customize & refresh our traction.
  • Still can't decide? Take this short quiz to determine which is best for you.
What is the traction?

Apolla has created a unique traction that gives grip you can feel when you need it and takes a backseat when you don’t. The grip also does not restrict you from feeling the floor like normal dance shoes. The bulk and seams you get under foot in your dance shoes has been removed and replaced with an adhesive that can be refreshed! Yes, it will start sticky and you wear the grip down (break it in) to the level of stick that is right for YOU, your floors and choreography. You KEEP it there by using the E6000 Spray Adhesive. This keeps “re-sticking” the grip over and over for the life of the Shocks.CLICK HERE to see our 1-minute video tutorial and for more information on how our traction works.

Do you have a traction refresher?
Yes, you can get it here.
Where is the traction placed on the Shocks?
On the Alpha, Performance, & Infinite the traction is placed ONLY on the ball of the foot.

However, due to popular demand, we have debuted the AMP in black WITH traction on the ball of the foot AND the heel! This allows to mimic a slip on jazz or dance shoe for dancers that need that extra grip.
Why does the AMP style have traction on the heel but other styles do not?
The AMP is a style that easily replaces a slip on jazz/dance shoe. We offered the traction on the heel to mimic and offer a style that gives you more grip if you worry about slipping from weight in the heels.

The Alpha has an open heel and provides natural grip and is another option if you worry about rocking into the heels for your dancers.

The Performance and Infinite styles would be for dancers that are used to keeping the weight over the balls of their feet and having grip only on the ball of the foot provides the perfect combination of freedom in movement while also providing control.

General Questions

How are the Shocks different from my regular socks or dance shoes?
Apolla Shocks are the only footwear for dancers that provides Arch support, Ankle stability, energy Absorption (our 3 A’s) and our customizable traction. Our targeted compression for key insertion points of the feet help to lift, support, and remove inflammation. Dancers suffer TWICE the injuries from the knee down as football players…and 65% of those injuries occur from repetitive strain, overuse, and inflammation. Apolla Shocks show off your feet more than any dance shoe or on the market. They as durable or more so than your dance shoes or socks. What really makes them special is our option of traction and how you can customize it. For all other dancer footwear, you are not able to change the traction based on the style of dance or the floor. However, with Apolla Shocks you are able to get the Shocks with NO traction (which is great in shoes and on carpet at conventions), or you can get it with our unique traction that is meant to be worn down to your level of grip then you use a traction refresher to keep the grip the life of the Shocks. For more information on our traction (and our short 1-minute video tutorial on how to refresh the grip) please click HERE.
Can I order in multiples for my studio/company/team?

Absolutely! Please contact us if you want to order for your studio, company, team etc. We will be happy to customize a package for your dancers. Please email us at info@apollaperformance.com.

Are Apolla Shocks sold as pairs?
Yes, all Apolla Shocks come as pairs.
What colors are available in the Shocks?

The Alpha Shock is currently available in Nude-One, Nude-Two, Nude-Three and Black. All of our Nudes are wonderful shades that match a wide range of skin tones and look gorgeous and seamless on stage.

The Infinite Shock is available in black and our signature black and teal. However the teal an black will be discontinued once sold out.

The Performance Shock is available in Nude-One, Nude-Two, Black, and White. We are working hard to get the Performance Shock in a Nude-Three and hope to deliver to our dancers in the future.

The AMP Shock is available in Black and in White.We hope to deliver the AMP in Nude 1 and Nude 2 by 2019.

The Joule is available in Ballet Pink, Black, Nude-One, Nude-Two, and Nude-Three.

The K-warmer is available in black and we hope to deliver in ballet pink in 2019.

We are in development of more colors, widening our nude line, and growing as fast as we can as a start-up. Have a request? Please let us know! Email us at info@apollaperformance so we can continue to serve the dance community’s needs.

What is the difference between Nude-One, Nude-Two, and Nude-Three?

The nudes go from light to dark, Nude-One being the lightest option then to Nude-Two being a medium-dark option, and Nude-Three our darkest mocha option.

Why do I need the Apolla mesh bag?

The Apolla mesh bag is perfect for consistent care and laundering of your Apolla Shocks®:

  • Helps for proper care in washing and drying cycle so they don’t get lost in the laundry.
  • Protects the compression, moisture-wicking, and anti-microbial properties.
  • Keeps your Apolla Shocks® organized in your dance bag so they never get separated.
  • Great way to carry your Apolla Shocks® on the go if you don’t want to take your whole dance bag.
What is the Return/Exchange Policy?
Am I able to wear my Shocks over my dance tights?

Absolutely! The beauty of the Shocks is they feel like a sock but wear like a shoe so you get the best of both worlds whether that be over tights, in your shoes or worn alone! The Joule Shock is especially made to wear over or under tights and in shoes!

Will my Shocks shrink when I wash them?

We have found that washing your Shocks with the recommended wash settings actually makes them feel and perform even better. The specialized yarns used in the construction of our Shocks make it so the Shock forms to your foot more with each wash and wear.

Is there a Shock that I can wear in my shoes?

YES! The Joule, the Performance and AMP are favorites in shoes

Is there a Shock that I can have arch support and ankle stability AND be barefoot while dancing?

YES! Check out the Joule! It was made to provide support for those that need to dance barefoot.

Is there a Shock style that can give me support for my knees or calves?

YES! The K-Warmer provides calves, knees, thighs and shins wonderful warmth, support and comfort.

Why compression?

DID YOU KNOW? Dancer injury rates are TWICE the amount as football players from the knee down? It’s true! Most of those dancer injuries are caused by overuse, repetitive strain & inflammation (65% from the knee down). This inflammation causes pain, aches & can lead to chronic injuries. We want to help you ache less & feel better. How do we do that?

  • Targeted compression to assist circulation & recovery by reducing inflammation
  • Arch support & ankle stability offer similar support provided by taping
  • Knit-in energy absorption provides metatarsal (and heel comfort for full-coverage Shocks)

Compression feels like your feet and ankles are receiving a nice, snug hug. It is not uncomfortable, but it will feel different. Apolla uses compression levels that are high enough to effectively lift the plantar fascia in targeted insertion points on the arches to help keep it lifted and supported. It also helps to stabilize the ankle’s tendons and ligaments. Wear your Apolla Shocks in class for support and reduce inflammation, then wear them AFTER class for recovery. Recovery and rest allow your feet and legs to be fresh the next day. They are also great for travel and everyday wear. If you are nursing an injury, wear your Shocks as much as you can. This is very similar to the support you will get from taping…except it allows for better movement and comfort. This compression helps remove the inflammation, which in turn helps you ache less and feel better…AKA Dance Longer & Dance Stronger!

Shoe vs. Shock?

For years, dancers have worn dance shoes they think make dancing easier, what they are told is “right” to wear in class and what is “traditional”. In reality, the available footwear options are poorly made, uncomfortable, and provide zero support. Many dancers just refuse to wear dance shoes and wear regular socks that can be dangerous without traction, offer no support, are ill-fitting and do not last. Others just opt to go barefoot which creates sanitary concerns and does not help with supporting and protecting the dancer feet. We have dance teachers suffering from chronic injuries like plantar fasciitis that can only teach in tennis shoes…shouldn’t we be looking to stop this cycle? When dancers suffer from career ending injuries way too early in life and have TWICE the injuries from the knees down as football players, why aren’t we looking to advance dancers with sport science technology like all other sports have? Today, dancers ARE artists and athletes so we need to start acting like it! The technology available today enhances the output ability of an athlete…it can assist dancers and help them dance longer and dance stronger. Why are we forcing dancers to dance without support? What makes something acceptable footwear? Apolla Shocks don’t stop you from feeling the floor and even have styles that allow you to build calluses. Apolla Shocks have traction, show off the feet, come in colors that compliment any line, and are durable. They outperform “dance shoes” in every way…they are the answer. Think of all the traditions that have been changed with the advancement of education? Something new is here, so let’s let go of the old way of thinking and embrace the new! Let’s get dancers protected and supported and wearing Apolla Shocks!

I am not happy with my Shocks fit, what can I do?
Please email us right away at info@apollaperformance.com. We truly believe there is a Shock for everyone, however, since every dancer’s preferences are as unique as the variances of the feet…it usually is just about getting you in the right size or style to meet your unique preferences and foot.
I have feedback for Apolla, how do I contact you?
info@apollaperformance.com WE LOVE FEEDBACK!

Care Questions:

Can I wash my Shocks?

YES! In fact they get more comfortable with wearing and washing. You will notice they start to form to your foot for a custom fit. However, it is important you take care of your Shocks and wash them properly. See care instructions.

What are the care instructions for my Shocks?
  • Wash with warm water in gentle cycle, no fabric softener. Low tumble dry, no fabric softener sheets.
    • You will get best results if you wash and dry in your Apolla mesh bag.
    • Your Apolla mesh bag is also great to store your Shocks, allow them to air out.
  • You may spot treat your Shocks if necessary.
There are strings on my Shocks, what should I do?
With high compression garments there is a lot of yarn compressed into a small area. With wear and tear this may cause some strings to pop to the outside of the Shock, when they would typically be on the inside. PLEASE DO NOT PULL ON THE STRINGS! Simply snip them at the base of the Shocks. This should not lessen the effectiveness of your Shocks. Please email us at info@apollaperformance.com if you have any questions or concerns.
The bottom of my Shocks are pilling, is this normal?
Apolla Shocks are made with high quality performance yarns to create long lasting, durable, and effective supportive socks. However, when worn in shoes or carpet pilling may occur. This does not lessen the effectiveness of the support for the recommended 6-9 months of life of the Shocks. Washing your Shocks in the recommended mesh bags will help prevent/reduce pilling as well. Just as any dance shoe or footwear, the bottom of the Shocks may get worn down or dirty, it is recommended to have a pair of rehearsal Shocks and a pair of “stage ready” Shocks if there is concern for the appearance.
How durable are the Shocks?
Apolla is very proud of how durable our Shocks are! They are highly engineered socks made with high quality yarns that make them highly effective but also durable! Depending on your proper care (you keep your toe nails short, you follow the recommended wash instructions) they will outlast any of your other socks and even dance shoes! This time frame will vary, but you should have effective and beautiful Shocks for 6-9 months before you should replace them. PLEASE NOTE: Just as running shoes, Apolla’s compression will lessen with time, wear, and tear! We recommend replacing your Shocks every 6-9 months to stay protected and supported. Even though a large majority of our testers continued to report their Shocks staying impeccable well over 9 months.
When should I replace my Shocks?
Remember: To keep your body feeling strong and fine…Replace your Shocks every 6-9!
Just as running shoes need to be regularly replaced to continue to properly protect and support you, Apolla’s compression will lessen with time, wear, and tear! We recommend replacing your Shocks every 6-9 months to stay protected and supported. Even though a large majority of our testers continued to report their Shocks staying impeccable well over 9 months.
How can I prevent holes in my Shocks?
  • Keep your toenails clipped short
  • Do not wear the Shocks on concrete, or surfaces that may snag the Shocks
  • Clip the package Insert off of the Shocks, DO NOT PULL THE SHOCKS OFF OF THE BACKING THE SHOCKS COME WITH
  • Wash the Shocks with proper care instructions
Will my Shocks shrink when I wash them?

We have found that washing your Shocks with the recommended wash settings actually makes them feel and perform even better. The specialized yarns used in the construction of our Shocks make it so the Shock forms to your foot more with each wash and wear.

Order & Shipping Questions

I made a mistake on my order, what do I do?
Please email info@apollaperformance.com right away so we can help correct the order for you.
Do you ship to my country?
Please see our Shipping Policy by clicking HERE
How much does it cost to ship?
Orders shipping within the U.S. start at $4.95 S & H then will increase ABOUT $1.00/pair in your order. NOTE: This is for standard shipping. If you have more questions, please click HERE for more shipping information.
I need my order sooner than the shipping options provide, what do I do?
Please email info@apollaperformance.com with the time frame you are needing your Shocks. We will get a price quote for you from our fulfillment center to expedite your order to you. We will always work with you to get you what you need, if at all possible.
My order came and there is something wrong, what do I do?
Email us at info@apollaperformance.com so we can help! Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities! Always let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
I have not got my order confirmation?

If you submitted an order on our website there could be two reasons you have not received an email confirmation.

  1. It may be possible that the email address was entered incorrect. Please email us at info@apollaperformance.com so we can correct this and resend your confirmation.
  2. The email may have gone to your junkmail or your security of your email prevented delivery. Please check all folders in your email and email us at the email address above if you still cannot find your confirmation.
The Shocks I selected say they are backordered, what does that mean?
As a start-up, we are working very hard to keep up with the demand of our Apolla Shocks. So every so often a SKU may go out of stock and will be on backorder with an estimated shipping date. If your order has a backordered item in it, that will delay the entire order from shipping. This is to save on shipping costs. However, if you would like to have all non-backordered Shocks to ship in your order before the estimated ship date…please email info@apollaperformance.com to arrange special shipping and fees.
Has my order shipped?
  • Orders placed before 9am CST Monday-Friday will ship that same business day. Any orders placed after 9 am CST will ship the next business day.
  • Once your order has shipped you will receive an email confirming the shipment with your tracking number.
  • If you did not receive your shipping confirmation, please email us at info@apollaperformance.com and we will resend it.
  • Orders that have a backordered item in their order will delay shipping the entire shipment. This is to prevent double shipping and handling fees. If you wish to arrange to have your order not be delayed by the backordered item, please email as the address above so we can arrange special shipping and fees.
  • You can also click HERE to review and track your order at any time.
My package has not arrived?
Please first check your tracking number
  1. You would have received your tracking number in your shipping confirmation email or you can also click HERE to review and track your order at any time.
  2. Once orders leave our fulfillment center we unfortunately do not have control over the shipment. They are shipped via USPS. However, please do reach out if there seems to be problem or delay of your delivery so we can see if we can assist you in anyway. Email us at info@apollaperformance.com.

If any of your questions are not answered below there are several ways to reach us!

Live Chat Messenger Instagram Email Us

You may also find more answers and information on our Customer Support page

We work hard to reply to any questions within 24 hours.