Sugarfoot Therapy is a revolutionary injury prevention conditioning program created by professional dancer Katie Schaar and physical therapist Dr. Nick Cutri. Used by dancers and dance educators worldwide, Sugarfoot Therapy brings the exercises of sports physical therapy to dancers. When practiced regularly, these exercises are scientifically proven to help prevent the occurrence of injuries. The dancer’s body not only requires vast amounts of mobility, but also the ability to stabilize that range of motion with adequate muscular strength and neuromuscular activation. Sugarfoot Therapy bridges the gap between the principals of functional biomechanics and traditional dance technique, creating functionally authentic movements that are the most efficient and effective way to warm-up, mobilize, and stabilize the dancer’s body in all three planes of motion. The full program is available via online streaming, so dancers can train with Sugarfoot Therapy anywhere…in the studio, at the gym, at home, or backstage. We offer specific full-length workouts, called SFT ROUTINES, that focus on different aspects of injury prevention, such as jumping, ankle stability, hip stability, knee stability, etc. The website also features a complete curriculum of individual exercises, making it easy for dance teachers to incorporate the program in the classroom one exercise at a time. Sugarfoot Therapy is rooted entirely in the evidenced based research of the Physical Therapy field. To access this valuable information, become a member of our website. Visit