Why Is Your Studio Choosing Apolla Shocks?

Apolla Performance has trail blazed a new category of footwear for dancers. Finally, there is a footwear to protect and support dancers like the athletes they are. Using patented, high-quality, targeted compression, they combat the injury inducing inflammation caused by the repetitive nature of dance. Apolla Shocks provide: Arch Support, Ankle Stability, and proven effective Energy Absorption, PLUS an incredible traction. Apolla is proud all 6 styles have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. With styles for every genre for class, stage, convention, recovery, or everyday wear…there really is an Apolla Shock for everyone.

Apolla Shocks truly help dancers Dance Longer & Dance Stronger!

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If you want to dive in more on the history of dancer footwear and hear the perspective from award-winning master choreographer Mia Michaels? Watch this wonderful episode from the series we produced with Mia, "The New Ground Series: Redefining Today's Dancer." We give you the dance science and hindsight that helps learn more about developing a whole and healthy dancer, inside and out. You can see the other 3 episodes by clicking the button below.

Your Studio's Choices of Shocks for Dress Code

Select the tab for your class below to see what your studio owner is requiring and allowing for you to purchase for your dancer's dress code.

Apolla has an awesome Rewards Program. So you will earn points from this purchase!

Make sure if you have purchased before, you can Redeem your Rewards to use towards this purchase!

  • Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphire, Ruby's, Technique Classes, Flexibility Classes


You are allowed to purchase ANY of the below styles in:


You are allowed to purchase your choice of NON traction for any of the following styles.

Want to understand the traction better? CLICK HERE

Click on Apolla Shocks in the Main Menu to browse and learn more about each style.

Unsure what is the best style for your dancer? CLICK HERE to take our FIT FINDER QUIZ

              • Click the selected PRODUCT PAGE button below
              • That will open a new tab for the Product Page you selected (so that means you can come back to this page)
              • Select color choice either Black
              • Select With or NON traction
              • Select your dancer's size based on street shoe size (you will see the size chart hyperlink, if you need help, click on the Apolla Live Chat button)

Apolla recommends you have a pair WITH traction for class and a pair of NON traction for recovery, carpet (like at conventions or dancing from home), in tap shoes or hip hop.

*NOTE: If you decide to purchase 3 or more pairs. We recommend you add them into an custom Build-An-Ultimate-Kit. The added bonus to Ultimate Kits is you save 5% AND you can still use any discount code you may have (like if you have a Rewards points to redeem) so you can save an additional 5% OFF!

You can CLICK HERE to build yours (make sure to include your recommended pairs in this kit).


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