Traction = grip so you don't slip!

There is an Apolla Shock for everyone and we recommend having one of each in your bag to keep you protected on any dance floor, in and out of the studio, from cross-training, to travel, from stage to recovery and everything in between! All Shocks are available WITH or NON traction.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose which option is best for YOU:

Choose WITH traction:

  • For any dance floor or slippery surface
  • We recommend if you are going to be using primarily on a dance floor that you always get WITH traction on all styles of Shocks, then wear it down to your preferred grip.

Choose NON traction:

  • For carpet at conventions
  • I will be wearing my Shocks in shoes (i.e. tap shoes, sneakers, etc.)


  • This break in period can be 1-3 classes on average
  • IF you do not feel strong resistance on the first step? Please always contact Apolla customer service so we can help.
  • Once broken in, start refreshing the grip every class to KEEP the level of "stick" you want.
  • You must start refreshing your grip with either E6000 Spray Adhesive (this is what we recommend) or other refreshers can be Bloch rosin spray or a regular rock rosin.
  • If you do NOT start refreshing or you wear your WITH traction Shocks on carpet or in shoes, it may wear down your grip to almost nothing and make it not as effective.
  • Refresh your traction so you can keep "re-sticking" your grip over and over for the life of the Shock.

Please note: Due to the antimicrobial/moisture wicking properties in every pair, we recommend to treat your Shocks more as you would a shoe. They do not need to be washed daily or even weekly, as water will naturally break down the traction faster. Wash your Shocks only as necessary to possibly preserve the life of the traction. OR wash your Shocks if you want to wear the traction in faster. You will find they continue to bounce back to fit like a glove to your foot the more you wear and wash them. For the Joule, we recommend washing to bounce them back to shape when needed.

Care: All of our Shocks can be washed and dried according to our recommended care instructions and always use your Apolla Mesh Bag when laundering. We also recommend washing the WITH traction Shocks inside out to help preserve the traction.