Teddy Bear with Injuries

The abundance of adolescence: How puberty increases teenage dancers risk of injury with Brittany Cohen

Step by Step on Small Wooden Cubes

5 Steps to a Successful Dance Audition with Katie Groven

Pink ballet slippers next to fluffy white rug

The Ballet Body Test with Katrena Cohea

Battle rope and kettlebell work out

Step By Step Off Season Training with Katie Groven

Woman working out on an exercise ball

The Core Part 2: The What, How, and When? from Susan Haines, MFA, NKT, FMT, IASTM

cross training exercises at home

Cross Training Safely at Home with Katie Groven

Essential Oils Dance Well-Being

Why Essential Oils are Essential to Your Well-Being with Kristin Deiss

From Virtual Stillness to Dance Movement

From Virtual Stillness to Dance Movement: What to watch for as you move through the new norm with Brittany Cohen

Functional Core Breathing Work

Functional Core and More! Part 1 Breathe from Susan Haines, MFA, NKT, FMT, IASTM

Body Imaged Toxic Diet Culture in Dance Part 3

Body Image and Toxic Diet Culture in Dance-Part 3 with Ashley Mowrey

facilitating motor control dance

Facilitating Motor Control with Julie Ferrell-Olson

Dancer Wellness 2021

How Dancer Wellness Will Make 2021 Suck Less with Katrena Cohea

butt pelvic alignment dance

The Butt Part 3: The Backstory on Pelvic Alignment! with Susan Haines, MFA, NKT, FMT, IASTM

Proper Dance Form for Reaching Your Goals

Uncovering the recipe for reaching your dance goals! with Brittany Cohen

Preventing Dance Burnout

Preventing Burnout in Dance with Julie Ferrell-Olson

Apolla Dance Footwear

Dance Footwear with Julie Ferrell-Olson

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