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The Importance of Mental Wellness for Dancers with Kristin Deiss

Small Red Heart with Cable Connections

Building Connection with Your Dancers with Ashley Mowrey

Board Game Pawns with Drawn on Faces

What To Do When You’re Not the Favorite with Ashley Mowrey

Develop Mental Toughness on Wooden Head Shape

Make Practice Harder than Competition The fundamentals of instilling remarkable mental toughness in your athletes with Dr. Chelsea Pierotti

Yes You Can Written in the Sand

Laying the Foundation for Motivated Dancers-Part 2 with Ashley Mowrey

Birds Breaking Free from Chains

Detaching From Praise and Criticism with Ashley Mowrey

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Why the Intent Behind your Touch Matters with Kristin Deiss

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How I Went From Making $500 a Month in my Online Dance Business to 5-Figures! With Erin Pride

attract clients to your online dance business

Attracting clients for your online dance business is a lot like dating... With Erin Pride

teaching and parenting with empathy

Teaching and Parenting with Empathy with Ashley Mowrey

New Year Self Reflection Ashly Mowrey

New Year Self-Reflection with Ashley Mowrey

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The dance technique hack that has nothing to do with technique with Katrena Cohea

5 Steps to Make Your 2021 Dance Dreams a Reality

5 Steps to Make Your Dance Dreams A Reality in 2021 with Brittany Cohen

Body Imaged Toxic Diet Culture in Dance Part 3

Body Image and Toxic Diet Culture in Dance-Part 3 with Ashley Mowrey

5 Benefits of Meditation for Dance

5 Surprising Benefits of Meditation with Kristin Deiss

Toxic Diet Culture in Dance Part 2

Body Image and Toxic Diet Culture in Dance-Part 2 with Ashley Mowrey

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