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Essentials Items for Beginning Dance

Beginner Dance Socks Shoes

What essentials do you need for your Dance Class?

The world of dance can be tricky to navigate, especially for beginners! From the costumes, to the dance shoes, leotards and more… it can seem so overwhelming to even know where to begin. As dancers, we have to take care of our bodies and at times, it may feel as if you are carrying your entire life with you in a bag. To help guide you, we have compiled a list of the most essential items … without the additional baggage.

Dance Shoes:

This one might seem obvious, but with so many different genres of dance, be sure that you have the right dance shoe for your preferred styles!

Pairing your shoes with the Apolla Joule Barefoot Compression Sock will help add additional support to your arches and ankles; either under or over any of your dance shoes! When it comes to a full dance shoe (such as tap shoes or sneakers for hip hop) we recommend pairing our Performance Compression Crew Sock to your shoe to provide your ankles and arches with optimal stability!

Leotards & the RIGHT dance clothing!

You want to feel your best while rehearsing, we suggest whatever class it may be, that you pair your outfit with a leotard to help support you in all the right places. You will probably need to grab a pair of tights as well! Convertible Tights are a must in the dance world, for easy transition between shoe sock dancing and more, they provide you the best versatility in your dance wear. Be sure to check your studios dress code, and be aware that they may require specific colors for your dance uniform.

Our Apolla Compression socks come in many different colors to help meet the requirements of your school's uniforms, with three shades of nude, a beautiful ballet pink, classic black and striking gray we are sure to have the right color for your needs.

(Did you know that you can dye your Apollas?? Many dancers have dyed their white Apollas to match their performance attire!)

Warm Up & Recovery Clothing

You don't want to be wearing just a leotard and tights before and after your classes; you’ll want to make sure that your muscles are staying warm to prevent risk of injury. Having a light sweater or some sweat pants to keep you warm, whenever you're not dancing is always a smart idea! Try not to neglect your feet either.. Dancers' feet are the biggest asset to their craft, and we can't leave them hanging. Using a support sock especially after class for recovery is HUGE. Dancers articulate through 29 different muscles within their feet, and they will need lots of extra “loving” post class. Pair your post dance session with our Apolla Infinite Compression Socks for the most optimal recovery experience.

Items for your hair.

Most studios will require that your hair is up and out of your face when you are rehearsing. While preparing for your dance class, ensure that you have everything you need for your hair! You never know how many bobby pins will fall out between jumping and turning across the floor. Keep an extra stash of pins, and hair ties with you at all times (and maybe even a small can of hairspray!)

Things for your BODY

Let's be honest…dance is not only an art form but a highly demanding sport as well. Your body will be pushed to its limits and you want to treat your body as the temple that it is! Here are a few small things we suggest you keep with you to ensure that your body still loves you…even after all those long classes!

  • Apolla Shocks
  • Water Bottle
  • Therabands
  • Racquetball (to help roll out your muscles)


Additional Hygiene Items
  • Small Towel
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Essential Oils
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Healthy Snack
  • First aid kit

Don't forget your dance bag and your Mesh Apolla Bag for all your dance needs!

We hope this helps create the best dance experience for you, and we can't wait to hear about your first class!  


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