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The Infinite

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Apolla has been extensively testing our Shocks on 55 dancers of all ages and levels across North America for months. Our Apolla Ambassadors have fallen in love with their Shocks but don’t take it from us…here is what they have to say:

The Infinite Shocks help support my arch, but also give the freedom to spread my toes in order to feel grounded. I have ligament injuries in my ankles and the compression made it feel as if I had taped it for support! These are my new performance socks. They are consistent, supportive and take the pressure off of my joints.

Ashley Werhun ~ Montreal

The greatest benefit for myself is the amount of fatigue in my feet... Or lack there of. I have worn my infinities for 16+ hours a day for multiple days... I wear additional cushion inserts in my shoes along with the shocks and my feet feel better then they ever have after consecutive 16+ hr days. I'm hooked!

Mikeal Knight ~ California

I received a pair of Infinites with traction and I have been very pleased with them! The Infinites are comfortable and support your feet well. The traction is perfect for turns, but also keeps you from sliding. I love the Infinites because I can dance comfortably without the fear of slipping that usually comes from a sock. I thoroughly enjoyed dancing in them and will continue to do so!

Gabby Benavides ~ Texas

For a long time I have dealt with pain from injury to my ankles. After running a marathon in non-supportive shoes I injured the arch of my foot, lateral side of my foot, all the way up to the lateral side of my calf muscle. It wasn't until I began wearing my Infinite Shocks that the pain from all those injuries have improved! I honestly have had no pain in those areas since wearing my Infinites, and it is only when I'm not wearing them that I begin to feel pain again. The Infinite Shocks are more than just footwear that assists with turning; it really does more than that! I will forever be wearing my Infinite Shocks every time I dance for comfort and support.

Kasja Watt ~ Idaho