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Apolla has been extensively testing our Shocks on 55 dancers of all ages and levels across North America for months. Our Apolla Ambassadors have fallen in love with their Shocks but don’t take it from us…here is what they have to say:

No shoe, sock, or any other footwear compares to my Apolla Shocks®. The support and comfort help me be at my best while doing what I love most, teaching dance. Thank you for creating this state of the art product!

Chris Jacobsen ~ California

I'm on my feet an average of 12 hours a day. I can't image not weaing Apolla Perfomance Wear as my everyday sock/shoe. Love them all for different dance and athletic purposes; however, the results are always the same. #FootSatisfaction

Theresa Bybee ~ Idaho

My feet haven't felt this great in a long time. I have very high arches and arthritis in both my feet, so the long hours in the studio can really do a number on them. Now that I am wearing shocks to teach my feet are feeling so much better and I don't have any more pain after my long days. They are the best thing to ever happen to my feet!

Marie Gaschler ~ Florida

I now only wear Apolla socks while teaching and dancing!

Melody Lacayanga ~ California

Five hours of teaching and my feet and ankles feel great!

Hilary Johnson ~ Nebraska